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Code: 990089-0
Code: 990089-0
Size: 75 ml
Color: Neutral
Gender: Unisex

Rustic cream 75ml

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75 ml


Size 75 ml
T.O. Oniyx, Ivana Tkalčića 7 10000 Zagreb
Modeline, Ilica 10 10000 Zagreb
Sportline, Draškovićeva 18
Elite, Trg bana J.Jelačića 3
Infinity, Importanne centar, Starčevićev trg
Sportline Importanne, Importanne centar Starčevićev trg
Free delivery on orders above 99€
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Rustic cream provides care and protection for all smooth skin, especially suitable for leather shoes, giving them a protective function membrane.

Dry skin makes it soft, supple and solvent-free.

Before use, remove dust and dirt, apply evenly.

Let it dry.

Size: 75 ml
Color: Neutral
Gender: Unisex
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