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On Cloudnova Form Cobalt | Magnet

Code: 26.98182-480
Code: 26.98182-420
Size: 42
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-425
Size: 42,5
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-430
Size: 43
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-440
Size: 44
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-445
Size: 44,5
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-450
Size: 45
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-460
Size: 46
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-470
Size: 47
Gender: Men
Code: 26.98182-480
Size: 48
Gender: Men
159,95 €
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What size to buy?

We promise that your online shopping experience will be as successful and smooth as possible. If you are not sure about your shoe size, we are always there to help you choose the right size for you.

How to measure the foot?

  1. Put blank white paper on the hard floor. Make sure the paper is larger than the foot.
  2. Stand on paper with a sock which you will probably wear when wearing shoes or sneakers.
  3. Hold the pen perpendicular, place the mark at the end of the heel.
  4. Put another sign to the tip of your toes.
  5. Then, use paper to read the length of the foot (in centimeters).
  6. It is measured from the heel to the longest finger mark (as shown in the picture). This is your foot length.
  7. Use the table to determine which size best suits you.

Selecting shoe size

If your foot is between two sizes, choose a larger number of shoe.

It can also happen that your legs are of different sizes, which is quite normal. In that case, select a larger number when selecting a shoe size.

On men's shoes

40 7 25
40,5 7,5 25,5
41 8 26
42 8,5 26,5
42,5 9 27
43 9,5 27,5
44 10 28
44,5 10,5 28,5
45 11 29
46 11,5 29,5
47 12 30
47,5 12,5 30,5
48 13 31
49 14 31,5

On women's shoes

36 5 22
36,5 5,5 22,5
37 6 23
37,5 6,5 23,5
38 7 24
38,5 7,5 24,5
39 8 25
40 8,5 25,5
40,5 9 26
41 9,5 26,5
42 10 27


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Product description

Cloudnova Form, a sneaker for every day that provides the most comfortable experience walking on the city streets.
NovaTec Outsole: A signature feature of the Cloudnova family enhances the experience and better absorbs landings as the wider outsole distributes the pressure from foot strikes. Unsurpassed comfort. All day, every day.
Wear and match: A low-cut sneaker with matching detailing on the back makes this Cloudnova model easy to wear and pair with almost any occasion. It works in the office and on the street.
Comfort without weight: Inspired by our range of running shoes, the upper is focused on comfort and adds breathable support without added weight to hold you back. Let your spirit and your style soar.
Focus on details: From the distinctive heel tape and technical stitching to the clean design lines, perforated microfiber, tongue and 100% recycled polyester upper, these are the details that set the Cloudnova Form sneaker apart.

How can I find the right size?

Since sizes and measurements can vary between and within brands, the vast majority of our products are standard sizes and our customers usually buy the size that fits them normally. If you are having trouble finding the right size for you, please contact us and we will eagerly help you to provide more detailed information.

Is there a delivery charge?

For orders over 69 € the shipping is free.

What is the delivery time?

On stock products are usually delivered within the estimated delivery time:

Austria (3-7 days)
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Bulgaria (5-7 day)
Czech Republic (3-7 days)
Denmark (5-7 days)
Estonia (3-7 days)
Finland (6-7 days)
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Hungary (3-7 days)
Italy (3-7 days)
Latvia (3-7 days)
Lithuania (3-7 days)
Luxemborg (3-7 days)
Netherlands (3-7 days)
Poland (3-7 days)
Portugal (3-7 days)
Romania (5-7 day)
Slovenia (1 day)
Slovakia (3-7 days)
Spain (3-7 days)
Sweden (3-7 days)

What happens after I place an order?

After placing the order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail containing an overview of the purchased products, account address, delivery address and selected payment method. After that, of course, your fashion selection will be delivered to you. We hope you will be satisfied and happy with your new products! If this is not the case, you can simply start the return process.

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