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Nano spray water protect
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Code: 908106-0
Code: 908106-0
Size: 400 ml
Gender: Unisex

NANO PROTECT spray against wetness and soiling 400ml

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400 ml


Size 400 ml
T.O. Oniyx, Ivana Tkalčića 7 10000 Zagreb
Modeline, Ilica 10 10000 Zagreb
Sportline, Draškovićeva 18
Elite, Trg bana J.Jelačića 3
Infinity, Importanne centar, Starčevićev trg
Sportline Importanne, Importanne centar Starčevićev trg
Free delivery on all orders above 70€
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Remove coarse dust and dirt; spray the surface evenly and sparingly at a distance of approx 30 cm. Leave to dry. Applying the product at regular intervals will improve protection.

Nano protect is a highly effective product against wetness and soilling; its active ingredients form nanostructures on the material's surface, giving the surface highly effective protection against environmental influences.

Water simply runs off, dirt has no chance of sticking. This gives the material deep protection against outside influences, while preserving the material's breathability. Suitable for all leathers and fabrics. Unsuitable for patent leather and stretch materials.

It maintains breathing ability, so Shoeboy's is recommended for Gore-Tex, Sympatex and all other TEX membranes.


Size: 400 ml
Gender: Unisex
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