Have you heard of normcore?

Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by casual, seemingly ordinary clothing.

You must have seen a girl or a boy in jeans, a sweatshirt, socks and sneakers that looked trendy. These are exactly the characteristics of the normcore trend. Clothing that is appealing to the eye and comfortable is considered normcore.

Vans sneakers are the best example. They can be combined with trousers, hoodies and dresses of all lengths. They look super casual, cool and really comfortable.

Those who choose normcore do not want to be different from others in their clothes. This does not mean that they chose Vans sneakers by chance, wore their first hoodie and any jeans.

It's not easy to look "as if you don't care what you're wearing".

Vans are regularly worn by skaters, rockers and surfers, and are adored by girls and boys alike. What they all have in common is that they look like their outfit just happened to match perfectly, but they don't seem to care.

Koliko god bile moderne, to su prvenstveno tenisice i zato su jaaako udobne.

Vans sneakers never go out of style their authentic story has been going on for 54 years.

How did it all begin?

The first Vans store was open 16. March 1966. in Anaheim, California.

The store started by four young entrepreneurs, brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee and Serge D'Elia, was called The Van Doren Rubber Company.

Their idea was to produce sneakers and sell them directly to users.

It is interesting that in the beginning they did not really become famous for their entrepreneurial knowledge, but they had a great tennis shoe, and that was the most important thing to the customers, so they regularly came back for more.

The special feature of Vans sneakers was the rubber sole that rose and actually surrounded the foot.

The sneaker thus gained durability, which is exactly what skaters needed. At that moment, skaters were kids in love with adrenaline without any influence on the market. When Vans offered them free sneakers, they gladly accepted them and it turned out to be the best move.

Super je kako jedan modni brend može biti toliko društveno uključiv.

According to the founder, skaters are the most responsible for Vansic's cult status today. As a small token of gratitude to its most loyal users, the company built its own skate park in 1998.

In addition to skaters, Vans sneakers were also accepted by other subcultural groups and thus became statement footwear.

Why is it still going on?

Vans sneakers are designed for everyone, but what's interesting about them is the fact that they somehow manage to be authentic regardless of the styles they're paired with.

How is it possible that the sneakers worn by a guy on a skateboard perfectly suit a businessman in a suit and a lady in an evening dress?

1. Because they are different

Vans come in different styles and shapes.

There is almost no part of pop culture that hasn't left its mark on Vans sneakers. There were Harry Potter t-shirts, Star Wars t-shirts and Beatles t-shirts.

Special outerwear was designed by Kenzo, a luxury French brand.

Parts of the most famous scarves in the world, Hermès scarf,  were also found on Vans Slip-On sneakers. They were all unique and looked special.

2. They are high quality, comfortable and affordable

The idea was to make a sneaker that would be of better quality than the competition and at an affordable price. It's rare for anyone to capture that part of the market, but Vans has.

Many identify their production model with Ford's Model T - a car with very good performance that could be owned by almost all members of the middle class.

3. Girls and boys alike love them

There are about twenty different versions of Vans sneakers and all models are unisex.

Black Vans sneakers girls and boys are equally crazy, peach outerwear Vans they prefer girls, a Bordeaux Vans su draže dečkima. Ipak, izbor je samo na tebi. 

Find Vans in the color of your dreams. 

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