White shoes are comfortable, cool and can deal with everything, and how them last year more often loves and trendsetterice, no wonder that white sneakers more often we see during fashion shows, on fashion blogs and in the streets fashion metropolis.

White sneakers they are enough to every young woman circled its spring-summer look.

Last season and this season they really are have experienced jedan od biggest returns ever.

Za sportski izgled nosite bijele tenisice s trenirkom
For a sporty look wear white sneakers with a track suits

Women are especially happy because sneakers themselves by themselves represent relief, since it is easy to carry them without suffering the pain through all-day activities.

If you want to be trendy, in any opportunity, you should definitely in the closet to have one pair classic white sneakers regardless of brand and model.



You can easily choose them according to yours taste, wishes, personality and feel.

White sneakers are long ago have surpassed running and other sports activities, and they love it many world and domestic trendsetter.

Za nešto bolje sofisticirani izgled, uparite vaše tenisice s odjećom koju je moguće nositi i u ured na posao, kao što su suknja, sako i lagana ljetna bluza.
For a serious look, pair the sneakers with clothes that you wear to work, such as skirt, jacket and lightweight blouse

More and more fashionista loves white sport shoes, whether it's about classical Adidas model, retro All Star or to some other performance.

When it comes to styling, there are no rules. They wear leather pants, those broad cut, dress, overalls, and it's up to you to choose which style suits you the most.

U jednostavnoj majci bez rukava i ljetnim prozračnim hlačama naglasit ćete vašu jednostavnost.
In a sleeveless mother and summer pants you will emphasize simplicity


White sneakers are synonymous with simplicity and minimalism. That's why they all adore them, and we bring you a few examples how i on what way wear white sneakers.

For summer european look connect your white sneakers with a loose refined summer dress.

Za dodatnu elegantnost oko struka možete vezati džemper ili vestu
For added elegance around the waist you can tie jumper or sweater


In the summer months you can not make a mistake this simple combination.

Compare white sneakers with leather jacket, short denim trousers, plain white short shirt, and of course trendy pouch.

Mala crna haljina nikada nije izgledala bolje uz par zgodnih tenisica
A little black dress she never looked better with couple nice sneakers


For sporty look no better combinations than one when trainers add elegant white sneakers.

Except you will be trendy, you will feel comfortable. Actually, you can make as if are just come from the training.

For something better sophisticated look, mate your sneakers with clothes which is possible wear and in office to work, such as skirt, jacket and easy summer blouse.

For men the story is something different and even simpler.

The white sneakers are wear it verbatim at all.

You can have them in gym, to work, on the beach, walking in the park, some other free activity, actually anywhere and any time.

Budite dosljedni svom stilu i nemojte slušati zastarjele stereotipe
Be consistent your style and do not listen to outdated stereotypes


In the summer months wear light white sneakers with short trousers and a short t-shirt.

Za elegantnost i mladenački look možete dodati i kratku ili pak dugu košulju zavrnutih rukava
For elegance and youthful look you can add and short or long shirt rolled up sleeved


With casual white sneakers, men very easy can achieve elegant look even when are at work.

Mate therefore, the sneakers with that what otherwise you wear it to work, they are usually dark, and can be bright, jeans and your shirt.

You will be charming at any moment, and you will feel very comfortable.

Besides that, white sneakers you can wear on a suit and a blazers.

You will not be the first if you will elegant white shoes end up at the wedding.

Modne revije sve su više pune muških modela u bijelim tenisicama
Fashion shows they are all getting fuller male models in white sneakers


Be consistent with your style and do not listen to outdated stereotypes. This combination will rejuvenate you.

When they arrive something colder autumn morning, you can white sneakers carry with narrow jeans and a long coat.

Za boemski izgled spojite bijelke tenisice i dugi jesenski kaput
For the bohemian look connect the white sneakers and a long autumn coat


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And now is the time to find out perfect white sneakers for this season.

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