Seasonal discounts they are almost at the end, but true shopping mages know that it is right now perfect time to shop. Prices have never been lower and the selection is still pretty good.

Although they are mostly the focus of all discounts trendy models, it is worth going on a trip to the shops or webshops.

They are the most profitable timeless models and quality materials, especially if you like models that have been around for years they never go out of fashion.

We bring you our selection of shoe models that definitely it pays to shop at discounts.

Quality black leather boots

Black is the color which is certainly in almost everyone's wardrobe. We know that black goes with almost everything so it's not surprising that they are black boots one of one of every fall and winter.

Leather is a material which is worth investing in and with proper care it can last for years. Although trends change incredibly fast, good ones leather heeled boots will always be modern. They go well with coats and jackets, and even fur coats.

 Dobre kožne čizme na petu će uvijek biti IN.

1.) Tamaris   2.) Armani Exchange  3.) Panama Jack

Favorite yellow boots

Everyone who suffer from inevitable Timberland shoes they finally came into their own. This is the right time to hunt favorite model of robust ankle boots for great prices.

Yellow, brown, black or blue, Timberland boots are ankle boots that will accompany you for years you can combine them in many ways.

The male part of the audience can wear Timberlands very easily complement casual combinations with denim, with warm hoodies, useful cargo pants, and they go well with jackets and coats.

There are almost no rules for women. Timberland boots are for more casual combinations, but also they look great even on dresses. We are sure that when them catch at a great discount there is no combination with which you will not want to wear them.

Timberlandice upotpunjuju ležerne kombinacije s traperom.

1.) Timberland  2.) Timberland

White tennis shoes

White tennis shoes are another candidate for the most popular unisex pair of shoes.

Just like black, white color is complementary to the entire spectrum of colors, so great matches both dark and light shades.

Although they are primarily sneakers leisure footwear, both men and women are increasingly using them in more "serious" combinations. A jacket and white sneakers and a cool look is guaranteed.

It can be assumed that for some time will not come down from the throne of popularity so they are seasonal discounts great opportunity to invest in white leather sneakers which have a longer lifespan than other materials (if properly cared for).

Bijele patike već nekoliko sezona ne izlaze iz mode.

1.) Tommy Hilfiger 2.) Armani Exchange  3.) Chuck Taylor All Star

The iconic Dr. Martens

A symbol of the rebellion of the eighties, iconic dr. Martens boots have been for several years part of mainstream culture.

They are so popular that wear on all occasions, and those who love them, do not separate from them.

Quality that guarantees long-term wear she made these boots a real investment and really worth buying on sale.

You either love them or hate them and they take some initial getting used to in order for the leather to fully adapt to the foot. But be careful, once you "stomp" them you won't take them off your feet and they will magically fit any outfit.

D.Martens čizme postale su dio mainstream kulture.


Brown ankle boots

Podvrnute traperice i smeđe gležnjače They look great in both men's and women's versions. Brown and blue are loved and that's why these combinations always look great.

If you have been thinking about brown ankle boots for a while, now is the time to buy them. Elegant Chelsea versions or models that look more like Goyzer, Anything goes this season, if combined well.

Leather models lined with fur It protects you from cold temperatures without sacrificing style and your wallet will thank you Take advantage of great discounts.

Kožne čizme obložene krznom štite stopala od hladnoće.

1.) Tom Tailor  2.) Canguro  3.) Mustang

All-weather nude and black heels

Another multitasker almost everything fits It offers what the average woman has in her closet High heels.

They visually lengthen the legs, They suit any color combination, business, formal and trendy combinations, no matter who would not like them. Even if they can be caught at a discount, they soon will favorite footwear.

Štikle -  nepogrešivi su izbor u svakoj prilici i upotpunjuju gotovo svaku kombinaciju.

1.) Guess  2.) S.Oliver

The same rules apply to black heels - are an unfailing choice on every occasion and They complete almost every combination.

For longer wear they are the most comfortable Heels made of natural materials which will best adapted to the foot and let him breathe.


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