These boots are made for walkin’!


zenske cizme

One of the strongest girlpower features were given to us by Nancy Sinatra back in 1966, and thank her for that! Although in general we really don't want to step on anyone, those beats always give us a powerful feel-good feeling - especially if we hear them while wearing boots!

In this fashion "war" we will never choose a winner because he does not exist - we absolutely adore and need and high boots and ankle boots. The winner is chosen by every single occasion and the rest of the outfit, and perfect combo it will dictate the choice of the bottom part of the outfit - the shape of the pants, skirt or dress. The length of the legs also plays a role, especially in the lower leg area: for girls with shorter legs, high boots will visually lengthen and thin the whole figure. If we add high heels to that - even girls from "a meter and a forest strawberry" will have the opportunity to appear (somewhat) tall! :D

visoke cizme


The style of the pants or skirt itself will determine the style of the boots, but not their height - their cut will have the main say here. For example, trousers with wide legs will complement it perfectly anklets, both flat and heeled ones. Skinny jeans are on the other hand made for tall boots, and it will especially suit those who are coldest, given that even the most persistent winter air will not be able to reach their feet!


visoke cizme gleznjace


For an unmistakable dose elegant sexy, a proven recipe is a combination of high boots and a short skirt, dress or pants. The length of the outfit up to the middle of the thigh, in combination with knee-high boots, or even over the knee, will leave an impression. Long, slender legsand visually highlight everyone's attributes.


tommy hilfiger cizme

cizme do koljena

Tamaris / Bugatti / Tommy Hilfiger / Guess


One of the biggest trends of recent seasons are statement ankle boots. Large, strong, warm and comfortable, they won the hearts (and legs) of the younger population. They brought this season's bestsellers among such ankle boots Guess, Bugatti, Liu.Jo, and of course, a cult brand Dr. Martens with brand new, challenging models with old, beloved classics. 


cizme gleznjace

gleznjace guess tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger / Liu.Jo / Armani Exchange / Tamaris


Business combinations will effectively raise the elegant low heeled boots which go with both business pants and pencil skirts. A typically thicker heel will secure theirs stability and comfort throughout the day, and the bonus is that with them you are automatically ready for afterwork booze or a trip to the city! Plus, the unexpected winter tips&tricks which you probably don't know: heeled boots are a warmer choice for longer walks around the city - for example during the Saturday rush hour - because the smallest area of the sole is in direct contact with icy concrete! ;)


cizme na petu

Tommy Hilfiger / Guess / Tamaris Ivory / Tamaris Black


As we announced earlier - whichever boots you choose, you certainly won't go wrong. The only risk is that they pass you by seasonal discounts, but this risk is minimized by a quick reaction - by visiting ours webshopu, or shops in as many as 7 locations in the center of Zagreb!


With words of Nancy Sinatra - Are you ready, boots? Start Walkin!