Whether it's a Christmas party or Christmas office party, It is an excellent official event which would be you should trim it.

Than, it is not always easy to decide what to wear and how much should we be formal. In front of colleagues you do not want turn out Totally boring, no want turn outnot like anybody prima donna.

So how do you decide what to wear??

1. Christmas gowns are in

If it's Christmas party takes place throughout the day, ie. in the afternoon, dress more casual. And if you still want to to stand out from the others colleague, do not come in cocktail dresses with heels of 15 cm but rather put it to yourself Christmas vest!

Besides being fun, sweet and i they are good outfit for some occasion Christmas fun, they are also practical because they are very hot.

Than,thin is the boundary between fashion tastes and exaggeration.

If you decidefor a jolly Christmas sweater, pair with monochrome and simple pants or skirt.


2.A woman's suit

If it's about Christmas party or an elegant evening still a little edit. Christmas is special​​​​​​​ and most of the time it is also necessary to wear it.

That's why we will now go in a completely different direction. From Christmas T-shirts to elegant women's suits.

Women's suits give sense as if with you no joke, but they are stylish and sexy. They will all be asked: “Who's that girl?” Whether you decide for skirt or pants you will never make a mistake with business sexy looksmiley

Of course, you should wear your heelson the suit which will give you a more refined look.

Unless it's done about narrower pants to the ankle. Then you can wear it too little lower shoes.


Tamaris štikle Scarlet   s.Oliver navy patent  Deep Sibil Argento Formentini


3. Jeans and upper suits

If you go to office party which of you does not require complete elegance, you can leave and in jeans.

A combination of tight jeans to the ankle, business shirt, jacket and elegant heels, they certainly are outfit appropriate for either which business fun.

You can also combine it trapeze and red shirt (it is Christmas) which give you more relaxed, at the same time and a business look smiley

Laura Biagiotti multi black metal  Comart ženske cipele nero

4. Unavoidable dress

Do you still want to show in a feminine light dress up your dress. Than, select the one who speaks “Woof!”

For example, dress simpler cut which will enough cover, but it will highlight your figure.

Perfect dresses A cut or completely narrow, but long to knees. Make sure that dress be exciting design, with the addition of shingles, asymmetry and exciting colors!

Tamaris štikle black  S.Oliver chili patent  Tommy Hilfinger black

To Christmas partyja you have a little more time, that's why to shopping!

If you need it urgently comfortably,  but elegant heels or shoes and the purse you will combine with outfit, find them in one from our stores or look at ours offer in web shopu smiley

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