When buying children's shoes or sneakers surely you are, as well as any parent, the selection of sneakers makes it huge and it is difficult for you make a decision which manufacturer, or what kind style, design, color or material to choose.

Than,what even when you can shorten choice of several products, occurs another dilemma, very specific for the earliest age - burdock or shoelace.

It's a dilemma which often bothering bothering, and many of them often you find in uncertain to yours child kupiti shoes with jumps or those that are buckle on burdock.

The most accurate answer don't have, but often for babies and younger children recommended shoes with a buckle on burdock.

The advantage of such sneakers/shoes is what even them and very young children they know put on and buckle.

For schoolchildren - tights

However, if it is yours child still enough small, cheery and does not like to wear shoes, it will take off ease which you are him and put on.

Shoes whit laces favorable are for something bigger kids, starting from pre-school age.

Yours will preschoolers learning tie bindings be a real challenge, so this can become yours small common activity.

Cipele s vezicama pogodnije su za nešto veću djecu, počevši od predškolske dobi
Shoes whit laces favorable are for something bigger kids, starting from pre-school age


Burdock or shoelace- the decision will be yours.

But, you can not make a lot of mistakes. Namely, even older children, even adults, can see how they wear sneakers on burdock.


Children quickly learn to tie

As far as shoelace is concerned, with your little help the child can very easy to learn to tie the sneakers or shoes.

Moreover, around the sixth year, respectively, before going to school, a child should knowing how to tie shoes. 

Although simpler buy a child footwear on burdock, even at a certain age it also recommends, to tie the tie to shoes is indispensable

Than, learning should should through game and fun, and the child will simultaneously practice dexterity and coordination of motion.

Uz vašu malu pomoć dijete može vrlo lako naučiti vezati tenisice ili cipele
With your little one help a child can do very easy to learn to tie the sneakers or shoes

The combination of burdock and shoelace

Select a tie binding method. Be consistent and talk with a educator in kindergarten and their neighbors about that which technique you will use.

Initially it is important to a child learns one technique, because more various techniques will only do it confuse and discourage.

Easier way tie the tie is to be make two loop resembling rabbit ears, which bind in a node (you can lower it look at the procedure and song which can follow this learning).

As for the above mentioned choice of footwear, big choice sneakers models and shoes with both types of buttoning  will help you buy, and yours youngsters tremendously rejoice.

Something bigger little onesyou can always buy and sneakers that combine  burdock and shoelace and so at least a little make it easier to keep up blush

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