The moment they came up  and got the green light of the fashion guru  leggings have become the absolute must have of every women's closet. 


They wear them and girls and teenagers, girls and women , and every one in the closet must have at least 5 different types of leggings.


Who would not love them?

It is a garment that can be worn in different ways:

  • under the dress or tunic,
  • under skirts or shorts,
  • like pants (Unless this is a slightly transparent leggings , but it should not be bought).

Even the leggings for running You canto wear  it on the job if you know how to combine them well. 


The leggings are so grateful for the clothing item  da je na njih vrlo jednostavno on them them  very simple combine and footwear.
In the fall, it is only important for our feet to be warm. 

Straight shoes and tights

Flat shoes on the tights are a total autumn hit. It's a great combination if you want to look elegant, and you are not a high heel fan.

For some  more business and serious look straight shoes with a little bit longer  the front part (not exactly spitz) are perfect. 

Ravne cipele i tajice za poslovni look
Straight shoes and leggings for a business look


Straight shoes  This autumn you can wear it during the wet days. Thick rubber sole on flat shoes is the trend of 2016.

Ravne cipele debljeg džona za kišne dane
Straight shoes thick sole 

Ballerinas are in our opinion , straight shoes that began to wear at the same time when the contrived leggings are wink Ballerinas and leggings, Ballerinas and leggings,. 


High heels and leggings

High heels and leggings leave for a little more beautiful time.  This combination for autumn days  , only if  you do not go to the car from the house directly and from car to business and vice versa . Not practical enough. 

There would be a combination leave it alone until spring.

High Boots and Tights


Who still wears boots under the pants ? 


When you buy a good and nice boots you probably will not hide it.

Leggings and boots are therefore the ultimate autumn and winter combinations.

About your personal style depends on what kind of boots you will buy.


Leggings and boots can look just as good  if you wear high dark red Dr.Martens on woolen leggings , but also glossy black high on the heels. 


Every woman wants to have long legs , and wearing high boots often makes them  visually and and shorten it. When you combine boots and tights,  combine them to be of the same color.

Bilo bi dobro da visoke čizme i tajice budu istih boja
High boots and tights are of the same color "prolonging" the legs

So you will create one line of the same color   literally from the foot to the thigh and your legs will look longer.  

Black is the best color to "extend" the leg.

Ankles and tights


Ankle boots -high or low heels no connection, just give it . 


One of the most beautiful combinations is  high heel ankles and dresses. 

Haljina i visoke gležnjače dobra su kombinacija

A combination that is always trendy :dresses and high ankles


That combinationit does prolong its legs.

But leggings love  and with flat ankles.

Sneakers and tights 


Can you ever make a mistake in the combination of tennis shoes and the tights?


Autumn is rainy and a little colder annually  age we recommend a little thicker sneakers.


Sneakers for years have not been reserved exclusively for sports grounds,  without worry, you can also carry them to work  Wedge sneakers (with an elevated fifth) Definitely not intended for any sporting activity.With such footwear you could play possibly darts or chess.


Such black sneakers will look great with the leather leggings.

Dpbre tenisice uvijek su cool
Good sneakers are always cool


If you like the sneakers of the bright colors and  leggings. Denim leggings with holes or with patches 

with such sneakers you will be given  look eighties.


We can draw a line and simply say:The leggings are very much like all shoe and boots.



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