Flip-flops are the ideal summer shoes. For both women and men.


At the same time it is casual, comfortable and practical , and that the thing is the best, allows for numerous stylistic combinations. 

We bear i get them to work, to play in the park, on the beach , in the city of coffee , and we can in them  and at nighttime.


They are accessible, easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Flip-flops  a special kind of footwear,  but are definitely a permanent guest in most of our closets.

But many think that the purchase of genuine Flip-flops easy thing.

Still not so. Because except preventing a possible catastrophe , buying inadequate  Flip-flops can have a bad impact on our health  and 

to cause serious orthopedic problems. 


Since they are japanke an indispensable summer fashion detail without which we can not imagine vacation , and they are worshiped not only because of it its comfort and convenience, but also because of stylistic variations  which they provide,  their purchase  it would not be should leavecase. To handle it easier with all colors, shapes and sizes  available at every step in high -street, sports or  online stores we bring a small guide to men how to choose the best Flip-flops. 

Z​bog udobnosti, praktičnosti i stilskih varijacija japanke su neizostavan ljetni modni stil

Because of the comfort,practicality and style variationsare an inevitable summer fashion style 

Wide range of materials

Today's modern Flip-flops  are made of a wide range of materials,  what is natural and what is synthetic. Choosing the right material depends on where and how we will use them.



Lighter models are usually used indoors  while those made of hard materials are intended for outdoor use. In addition, each of these materials has special properties that make them ideal in certain situations.

Rubber Flip-flops .

Rubber Flip-flops . are popular because of their elasticity and anti-slipping properties,which makes them ideal for virtually any purpose,

both inside and outside.


Keep in mind,  however, that Flip-flops made of natural rubber are prone to crystallization  when they are too lay stress, which can cause cracks.

Flip-flops from the foam

Flip-flops  The foam is a little softer than the rubber , but they are very similar in all other respects.


They are very comfortable to use, making them ideal for wearing an informal family walk. 


This material is , however,so soft that maybewill not be able to provide enough protection  on difficult terrain such as pebbles or rough sand. 

Plastic flip-flops

Plastic  flip-flops  are the strongest  of all five species.

Because the material is easily shaped into various shapes ,plastic Flip-flops come in a wide range of design,shape and size. Except ,

printthe design is longer on plastics than on foam or rubber.



On the other side , plastic tends to be more durable than foam or rubber, what these Flip-flops does  less comfortable to carry on longer runs.

Leather  flip-flops

In leather  flip-flops every man will definitely feel  comfortably regardless of whether it is casual or slightly tighter.

For ecologically conscious,Artificial leather designs are also available. 


Periodically nursing and polishing the skin will extend their lifespan .

Fabric Flip-flops

Of all the five most common types of material , Flip-flops made of cloth   or  the canvas will cause the least load  and  irritation  for of the foot toes  

They will provide you   maximum comfort ,which makes them suitable for use outside, but also inside the house instead of slippers. 

U kožnim japankama svaki će se muškarac osjećati udobno bez obzira je li odjeven casual ili nešto strože
In leather Flip-flops every man will feel  comfortably no matter what  whether dressed casual or something stricter

Poor Flip-flops can hurt

Buying Flip-flops   It's not the same as buying clothes.


In addition to the usual foot size measurements , you should also consider several other factors which will help extend your life with your new sandals, but also reduce the chance of injury. 

Namely,Poor Flip-flops can cause painful problems with shanked  , stretching ligaments,pain in the joints but other unpleasant orthopedic conditions. 


In light of this,  Here are some guidelines for choosing the right pair. 

The Flip-flops are thought to be not as stiff as shoes, of course,  which is why it is more likely  it will extend after some time with the carry. 


To avoid injuries,the whole leg should fit inside the flip-flops , without the need bending fingers to fold.


Simultaneously,  Do not make the japanka too big because it will “dance” on a leg that can lead to ankle sprain  painful callosity and other unpleasant problems,and you do not want it in the summer months. 


Moderne japanke izrađene su od širokog spektra materijala, a izbor ovisi o tome gdje i kako ćemo ih nositi
Modern Flip-flops are made of a wide range of materials,  and choice depends on where and how we will handle them.


Besides,loose flip-flops on the leg can cause serious injuries in the event of slipping or falling. 


Particular attention should be paid to the area around the thumb and small finger to minimize the risk  from the development of blisters. 

Cijela flip-flops should be in touch with the foot  to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed a.


If you're not jarring in carrying flip-flops,  for better security and support  You can choose a model that has a belt on the back .

Fairy flip-flopsfor the right occasion 


The sole or sleeve should be thick 1 to 1.5 cm in order to achieve stability in walking,  and also to avoid blisters. 

For the same reason, the inner part of the flip-flopsshould be in full touch with the foot.


Depending on their purpose , certain types of flip-flops are more appropriate than others. 


Here we bring one of the most common places  and the type of flip-flopsthat best suits that purpose.

Gumene japanke popularne su zbog svoje elastičnosti, što ih čini idealnim za gotovo sve svrhe
Rubber Flip-flops are popular because of their elasticity,  making them ideal for virtually any purpose

At the beach


The beaches are, of course, sandy, hot and slippery , and the maximum security required. For that purpose, the Flip-flops that are anti-slip will do the job.

Besides that, for the beach you should wear flip-flops which have fewer decorations and printed designs  to prevent the sand coming into them and damaging them. 


At home

Most of all flip-flops types can be used at home.


For maximum comfort, however, foam or fabric base are a good choice.

Those of the foam are soft and very durable,which makes them comfortable to wear in most parts of the house.  In the bedroom maybe you will want those made of  fabrics that will increase comfort.

In the city walk

Main reason  which is why some men think twice will he wear the Flip-flops in the city walk ,is the fear of not wearing too much clothes.


Fortunately , today are availableand designer japanke , so you'll be on summer casual clothes Connect Functionally to Elegant.

Pri odabiru pažnju treba posvetiti području oko palca i malog prsta kako bi se umanjio rizik od žuljeva

When choosing attention should be dedicated to the area around the thumb and a small finger to reduce the risk of blisters 

To summarize. Men's flip-flops  come in many forms and sizes, and made of various materials. Rubber flip-flops are for general use , those of the foam are in charge of persistence and durability  you will get the maximum comfort,  plastic durability , and in leather flip-flopsyou will show that you have a style. 

The Flip-flops should be smart to choose   to avoid any injury.

We hope that this summer you will also choose a true pair of flip-flopsfor every opportunity. 

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