Everyone at home has it at least one pair uncomfortable shoes.

And nothing's up there when already after a few minute of wearing understand that shoes though are not as comfortable as then when you are try the store.

And since then stand in a closet like a trophy.

Not to over and over again filling closet, we've decided for you to discover a couple of tricks how buy shoes which will not work just like a decoration on the feet.

So look smiley

Advice #1: Avoid morning shopping

Saturday morning, It's a nice time and you decide with your friends go to shopping. It's all right, but you plan to buy shoes rather Wait for the afternoon or even better, evening evenings.

Our feet they are by nature somehow wider afternoon, and can and swollen during high heat.

You'll probably buy in the morning a little smaller number of shoes which will eventually cause you to callus on your feet.

Advice#2: Measure your foot before shoppinga

If you really like morning shopping We have a little trick. at home barefoot stand on blank paper and pencil draw feet. Take the paper with myself in shopping and no one is watching (if you're ashamed) put the shoe on the footprint.

If the size of the shoes is good, she will answer yours the contour of the legs.

Advice#3: Always try both shoes

During shopping always Try both shoes because at most feet slightly differ in size. Select the number that matches the larger foot.

During trying out stand and stand for a few minutes because it is footing spread when it comes to it rely on body weight.


Advice#4: Walk in your shoes

Before you buy your shoes you have to walk in them at the store how would immediately learn will you be able to endure in them couple of hours. And we do not mean a couple steps left to right. Walk store at least 10-15 minutes.

Also try move your fingers. If you do not have enough places to move maybe the shoe is too narrow.

And of course if you are planning on shoes always wear socks, try them on socks. One millimeter means a lot when it comes to perfect shoes. Unless you're planning on it just sit down in them and say as a decoration on their feet.

And such a purchase makes no sense.

Advice#5: Check the inside of the shoe

Shoe lining should be smooth, without being prominent seams or edges. This will prevent skin irritation by stitches.

Advice#6: Take care on top and shoe sole

No matter which materials are shoes, make sure that the upper not too narrow and not your pressure toes.

Pripazite na gornjište cipele

Potplat cipele bi trebao biti lagan i izdržljiv tako da vas štiti od kamenčića i drugih predmeta na tlu koji bi vam mogli ozlijediti stopalo.

Izbjegavajte potplate poput onih na nekvalitetnim japankama. Dobro znate koliko je neudobno hodati u njima po šljunčanoj plaži.

Savjet #7: Always try out more numbers

No matter which number wear, always try bigger and smaller shoe size. Every brand has its standard sizes so you may need it a different number than what as usual wear.

And what if you buy shoes online?

Online shopping is slightly different from traditional shopping.In stores you can even try to make the most of your will various shoe models and on-site pick the perfect ones.

For that in ours web shopu You can see the shoe from all angles. Well and her outsole. 

And with each model we offer you a detailed size shoe size chart according to each brand.

But before you choose the right size, it is important to properly measure the foot. So see how that works smiley

How to Measure Your Foot for Online Shopping Shoes?

Place empty paper on the floor and on his feet. But if you're planning to wear socks with shoes then also wear socks. Now with a pencil carefully check the tip of the toes and the heel. Take the ruler, pull the straight line and measure the line from the heel to the tip of the toe. That's your foot length.

If you are right somewhere on half the size, always round out the bigger number. For example, foot length of 24.5 cm circle the to 25 cmsmiley

Now is the time to peek into the size table and by the length of the foot you find out which shoe number is perfect for you.

Remember that online shopping you can do it at any time of the day. And in the morningsmiley

Measure your feet and peek in our shoe offering. If you choose them today, you will be able to carry it in 2-3 days. Because they need so much to come to your home address smiley

We wish you a successful shopping!

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