Shoes, shoes and shoes!


Today we will talk about shoes again.

Ali ovaj put o savršenom and comfortable shoes for the summer  in which your foot will not perspire 

And what shoes are that , you will find out very quickly.


To begin with, you would like to discover a couple of small, but really valuable tips and tricks s kojima ćete imati cipele za cijelu ljetnu sezonusmiley

Advice#1: Buy a larger number of shoes


Shoes for the summer  they should be one or at least half the number bigger from winter shoes. 

The feet often know the  tumefy  because of the heat , so there are great prospects  that your sandals will they pinch your at one point and irritate the skin.Also take care e that the sole of the shoes is flexible ,but strong enough to protect your foot. 

Advice#2: Look for the shoes with the strap


The foot consists of 28 bones, and all the most important are in the heel , so buy sandals that have a strap behind your foot. It will  be you 
far more comfortable   wear sandals with čvrstim sturdy strap who will subdue the fifthand reduce the pressure from the toes of the foot.


Advice#3: Choose natural materials


Choose shoes made of natural materials such as leather and suede ,e the materials through which the feet can breathe. 


Note that leather shoes during the summer may be slightly stretched, so if you are between sizes choose a smaller number.

Advice#4: Protect your feet

When you are on the beach always wear Flip-flops  or some other lightweight sandals.As far as we are concerned, you can wear regular slippers which you carry at home . Just do not ever be a barefoot . 


Sandals will protect your feet of rough stones, shells or residual garbage,Do not burn, do not forget to apply sunscreen to the top of the foot.

Advice#5: Lower yourself to a lower level

Each year, the summer collection of shoes is fullflat shoes low heels , so this is the perfect time to give your feet a bit of vent. 


Avoid wearing heels larger than four centimeters,and if you like the height, choose a high platform or a wide-heeled sandals.

Advice#6: Often change your shoes

Through your feet you can lose up to half a liter of sweat a day! To get the shoes to dry up, change them every day.


After these few great tips,  time for our top 6 shoes that should be found in your closet. And on your feet smiley

1. Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes  are perfect for these summer heat. Flat shoes are soles, light and airy, and they fit in every dress combination.


For a business style it will be better to go leather darker ballerinasi beige color, for select to go to coffee or go to the city Ballerinas of floral and cheerful patterns.



But do you want to hear a negative one? There are too many of them  to be able to choose them in just one afternoon laugh


But it would be an impossible mission to showcase all color combinations on the store shelves, patterns and styles So if you want to see the full range of ballet shoesfrom A to Z, take a look at our web shop smiley

2. Sandals 

outsole on on quality sandals is secured by a clasp , remenčića straps or tapeso we recommend that you search for one such pair.



They are suitable for beach, picnics, evening outings and late-night walks smiley

3. Platform


Platform.Another great summer shoe. They are airy comfortable and uplift each combination of clothes. They are also great replacement  for heels because their outsole footsteps extend along the entire foot so that pressure on the heel is lifted.


A želite li stvarno biti u ljetnom stilu, odaberite što šarenije platforme. Bez brige, možete ih kombinirati na bilo koju odjevnu kombinaciju, no ipak preporučujemo da ih se za poslovni styling klonite u širokom luku smiley



If you're looking for sneakers  in which the foot will not sweat too much, we have a solution for that.

And that's the canvas shoes!Go to all the dress combinations (even on evening dresses), and you can find it in almost all styles. low,high, monochrome, visoki soles, floral patterns…


But the same case as ballerina . Only the sky is the limit.


If you decide on the sneakers, we advise them to ventilated  immediately  as soon as possible  take off one's shoes 


if they would prevent bacterial growth in the shoe pads.

And if you wear them on socks,  change socks and several times a day If necessary. Choose the least socks 

Choose socks with at least 70 percent cotton or any other natural material.

5. Flip-flops


The most popular footwear for the summer is certainly Flip-flops which have become must have footwear on the streets and beaches. 

You can wear them on all dress combinations and are perfect for beach and relax on the summer terrace.


6. Slippers

slippers  are one of the most comfortable shoes ever made. In them you will feel like walking the barefoot ,

and your feet will catch a bit of refreshing breeze.



There! The list is over smiley


We hope you are satisfied with our selection.  If you want to find out what else we can offer, take a look at our web shop or store.  We are waiting for you in the highest heat because somebody has to worry about your feet


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