It's a little warm outside, then cold, then warm again and we no longer know where to go with ourselves.

We go out with a jacket, and five minutes later we're in a T-shirt. The transition period can be quite challenging for finding outfit combinations, and the ideal shoes for this time of year are - anklets.

They are warm, but not too warm. And they look great.

In addition, you can many models find on sale in our web shop.

Below are some great ideas on how to wear ankle boots.

1. Ankle boots and jeans

In addition to the fact that they can be combined with almost every piece of clothing, trendy boots that come even in the summer version they go best with jeans.

They are also a good combination with slightly wider pants models such as boyfriend pants. It will look the best, you snort above the ankle or a bit more :)

Do you want to achieve impression of longer legs, boots should be on the heel and in accordance with the color of the jeans or a shade up to two shades darker.


2. Fluffy dress and ankle boots

This combination it is ideal for spring days when the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, you still have to carry a lighter jacket with you. Choose with a flowing short dress slightly wider ankle model.

Lepršava haljina i glježnjače su pun pogodak.

Fluffy materials and creamy colors they fit well with ankle boots, and if you want to highlight your legs choose a shorter model of the dress and ankle boots of a darker color and narrower model.

3. Hot shorts and ankle boots

For a casual look, choose hot pants and a simple t-shirt or light shirt. If you are more for grunge choose ripped hot pants, a loose t-shirt and put on a light vest over everything. It should be a little longer than the pants, and the ankle boots the crazier colors they are the better :)

You can under hot pants wear pantyhose or tights. However, it is not so warm outside yet :)

4. Floral skirt and ankle boots

Floral skirt will never go out of style, especially in spring days. Instead balerinas and open shoes choose ankle bootsbecause they are a big hit this season. To this outfit wear a light vestand you will get modern street style look :)

5. Wide ankle pants

Do you want combine elegance and practicality in one, wear wide-cut pants with a length slightly above the ankle. Of course, you can choose plain trousers, and if you want to give yourself a break, then reach for colorful checkered pants, and ankle boots as feminine as possible the better :)

6. Black is always 'in'

Lift up the ripped jeans and simple shirt black boots. They will give you some more elegant street style look. Also if you want divert attention from the legs and hips choose ankle boots that are darker from your t-shirt, raincoat or shirt. You will draw attention to the upper body.

Finally, we can conclude how ankle boots actually go with everything.

In order to combine the outfit as well as possible, we made sure to make your life easier and filled the shelves with various models :)

Come to us and see for yourself.

Go shopping :)