Sneakers are today the main fashion accessory on the fashion scene, especially thanks to their new eclectic designs which elevates any fashion combination and makes her desirable.

What sneakers do a perfect choice in every combination it is exactly theirs functionality and comfort and the ability to perform all daily tasks smoothly without negative consequences, such as blisters and pain in the legs.

Throughout history, tennis shoes have undergone numerous transformations, so today we can actually find them in stores a large number of different modelsand samples and completely adapt to your own style.

To achieve a business look, choose:

Leather sneakers

Today, sneakers are completely acceptable in a business look, but there are few who dare to combine them with business clothes.

You wonder how it is possible to achieve business look with sneakers on your feet combine comfort and subtlety? The answer is - very easy. All you have to do is choose suitable model of sneakers which will ideally fit with your suit, business dress or high-waisted skirt.

A business look with sneakers will become your everyday business combination, especially when you realize that you don't have to stick with heels to achieve sophisticated look.

In case yes you are not ready to experiment too much, the ideal choice is leather sneakers, which do not differ much from most office shoes. They are very simple and subtle and can easily be combined with any business pants.

Solid color tennis shoes

Monochrome sneakers are ideal for work because they look good because of their decency fit with a formal style. Especially if it is sneakers with thick soles, simple lines and neutral colors that can be turned from sneakers for the office into ones for coffee or going out.

Canvas shoes

Canvas sneakers in a business look desirable in the summer months due to airiness, comfort, but also colorful designs, which is ideal if you want to achieve a lively business outfit.

Sneakers and jeans

TOnesie with jeans is a safe combination for any occasion, be it a romantic dinner or work. It's really about universal look with which all fashion accessories are possible.

If you want to be different and stand out in the crowd, reach for the popular robust "ugly" sneakers that have been ruling the fashion world for several seasons. They are an excellent choice because, along with comfort and functionality, they will give you the opportunity to create own style. Although at first glance they look clumsy and oversized, they are easier to style than you thought. You can use them in an original way combine incompatible fashion combinations and look great at all times.

To achieve a casual and sporty look, choose:

Sneakers and dresses

Few years ago tennis shoe combination and favorites feminine pieces like flowing dresses and skirts, it was unimaginable, but today there is almost no trendsetter who has not tried that trend.

Summer is the time when we want to spend as much time as possible at parties, long walks, concerts. That means hours of standing, jumping and a lot of walking, and the ideal fashion choice for that is sneakers that will provide comfort and versatility.

Whether you decide to a flowing dress on ruffles, with floral pattern, maxi or mini cut white tennis shoes they always are ideal choice with which one cannot go wrong.


If you are dealing by running othe choice of sneakers depends on the surface on which you run. If you run on flat hard surfaces, sneakers should be light, flexible with a soft sole, while for uneven surfaces those with were ideal harder soles.

Sneakers for sports

If you play sports, one of the most important decisions is buying the ideal tennis shoes. They are tennis shoes key support for your body during exercise and it is extremely important that they be completely adapted to your feet to preserve joint health.

When choosing sports sneakers, in addition to choosing colors and patterns, you need to choose breathable model which is compatible with the activity you are engaged in.


If your favorite activity is walking, then you must consider buying sneakers with rounded, raised and soft sole with a flexible but firm front in order to the foot remained fixed.

Exercising in the gym

If you are focused on exercises of higher intensity, it is important that they provide firm contact with the surface, for which those with flat and thinner soles.


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