Good discounts are half the health!
- says an old proverb that we just made up! 

As the end of August approaches, we have a habit of thinking that the end of summer is approaching... This is probably left over from our school days, but now are some different times - summer lasts a lot longer, temperatures remain high through September and even October, and the annual vacation is the sweetest when the crowds on the beaches are less, and when everyone goes back to work excited, and you take a nice walk along the waterfront, drink cocktails and enjoy the beach.

It was at that time that the general shopping fever is on, huge discounts they call to hang out, all the most popular fashion pieces want to be yours, and webshops make their way to your arms as easy as possible. Like you, and Modeline couldn't wait for the summer discounts! We like to give you that phenomenal feeling of a good shopping deal, to see the excitement when you wear a top-quality piece of footwear the most popular brands and grab them at a super cheap price... that's always the cutest! And luckily, the summer assortment usually takes up less space than the winter assortment, so there is always room for a few more sandals or flip-flops ;)

The entire range from the spring/summer 2022 collection is here up to 50% off, and we recommend you to browse it all, because you will surely find more favorites - and until then, we have selected some of the most popular options for you at the biggest discounts!

1) Platforms and heels

When we talk about summer platforms, it is impossible not to mention the iconic ones Tommy Hilfiger wedges with jute soles. Given that their shape and method of production achieve the perfect recipe, it's no wonder that wedges are generally one of the more popular summer pieces. Full heels give the feeling stability, the shape of the slope allows a long and comfortable wearing, and at the same time they have a height that elongates and thins the figure and flattering to every woman.

Of course, and heels are an indispensable summer piece, for ever more elegant combinations and special summer evenings.

sandale popust

In the picture: Tommy Hilfiger
S.Oliver, Calvin Klein, Tamaris, Armani Exchange


2) Low and comfortable

…after all, you should spend the whole day in something before platforms and heels! All-time favorite, flat sandals, they are still a piece of footwear that you cannot live without. Comfortable loafers they also lead the race - now they are no longer just "shoes" with which you don't go outside the radius of the home, but a top fashion accessory that completes summer styling.

The hit of the season, Dr. Martens sandals with thick soles and padded straps are now a summer sale hit! The cult brand has been delighting with its models for decades, so their models, as far as changing trends are concerned, are the best bet that they will be equally popular from season to season! Finding them at half price is definite best-buy summer discounts!

dr martens popust

In the picture: Calvin Klein
S.Oliver espadrile, S.Oliver loafers, Tommy Jeans, Dr. Martens

3) Nowhere without tennis shoes

Do sneakers know that autumn is not spring? Popular street-style the models from the spring collection will certainly shine just as well in September and October, just in time for a safe step into the new school, i.e. academic year! White tennis shoes with details as an absolute must-have, then more bulky pieces statement sneaker in stronger patterns, they are the ultimate catches of summer discounts for autumn days. Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, … they all have ideal street sneakers to offer, and they all are on discount!

Skechers UNO edition has ruled the city streets since its first day, and their specific shape ensures three things - unsurpassed comfort, impeccable aesthetics, and perennial popularity! New colors and patterns arrive every season, but classic and special designs remain equally popular.


sneakers discount

In the picture: Calvin Klein
Skechers ArcWaves, Skerchers UNO, Guess, Armani Exchange


4) For men

We're not going to lie - it's a bit easier for men to stay on trend from season to season. With more subtle designs and generally minimalistic color schemes, new collections often represent variations on a theme - and that's why we love them. And when we find a style we really like, we tend to stick with it for years, because why change a recipe that's proven to work, right? That's why it's best to use it seasonal discounts!

Lighter men's shoes like sneakers, espadrilles and moccasins it will be the perfect solution for late summer and early autumn, as well as leather sandals and summer flip flops they still have their place under the sun - especially if they're on sale!


muške cipele popust

In the picture: Bugatti mokasine
Bugatti leather slippers, Imac mokasins, Bugatti sandals, Tommy Hilfiger sneakers



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