Cloudy and rainy autumn weather in fashion circles means only one - it's time to buy boots and ankles.

Because this is it their time,a transitional period when it is cold for lighter shoes, sneakers or ballerinas, and simultaneously winter has not yet shown teeth that we have to go for boots.

With our help see what shoes this autumn is in and in which you will fashion combination attract most viewswith, of course, the most comfortable outfit.

If you're in the hunt on the perfect autumn shoes, away from the ankle you do not have to look for it.

They will satisfy all your needs;functional, aesthetic and design.

If you are hunting for the perfect autumn shoes, away from the ankleyou do not have to look for it


The ankles are indeed grateful pair of shoese. You can wear them with shorts in the summer, combined with socks in the fall; They are suitable for office work, high heels for casual dinner,in a flat model you can without a problem go on a trip or in nature.

Their the highest profit is what they are opportunities for styling endless.

Ankle with slightly elevated fifth

So you just need itLittle inspiration to find a perfect autumn combination.

First of all, try something new this season and connect your new ankle with lent or colorful details.

Slightly elevated fifth you will no longer have to be oriented only to work, but also for casual friendship with the dear ones or even romantic dating with a boyfriend.

Gležnjače su zahvalan par obuće, a njihova najveća dobit je što su mogućnosti za styling beskrajne
Ankle they are grateful a pair of footwear, and theirs largest profit je što are opportunities for styling endless


Stylish look you will achieve shorts or skirt in combination with vest, and you will not make mistakes either long lightweight pants and casual jacket.

Silk scarf it will be cake cream this excellent match.

Play with colors

Play with colors this season. Do not slaveimposed standards, you already enjoy combinations you will enter the smell of joy and at the same time prevent monotony.

You can try and in-Cowboy style; blue trapericea, plaid shirt and irresistible autumn ankles.

Nemojte robovati nametnutim standardima, već se ove sezone igrajte s bojama
Do not slave imposed standards, already this season play with colors

But, if you are not interested in eksperimentiranje, you can always go well with classical combination - white color which will do perfect contrast dark autumn time.

Its unique style you can spice up a mixture of leather and antelope or even a pair of skinned ankle leather.

These short, but sweet, boots every fashion combination will give you a stylized seal.

Suknja, 3/4 hlače ili pak traperice; odaberite stil prema vlastitom izričaju
Skirt, 3/4 pants or jeans; select a style according to your own expression

Narrow trouser leg vs. Trapeze

Some ladies, especially those in great fashion metropolis, wear them on barefoot leg, those more cautious combine them whit nylons or tights, while the third one wears thick socks for maximum comfort.

Regarding trousers, we mentioned short and long pants, and especially valid extract those narrow trousers, and in fashion is again andtrapeze who always can skillfully hide the shortcomings, respectively accentuate the attribute.

Gležnjače su idealne za eksperimentiranje s novim kombinacijama
Ankle are ideal for experimentationwith new combinations

Ankle can on fashion pistes see whit fluttery or casual dress, leather pants, short skirts, sports or even leather jackets, etc.

Kao što smo ranije istaknuli, najveća prednost je što dopuštaju vrlo vrlo malo ograničenja.

Your imagination and personal style let them guide you, and only the sky is the limit.

We in Modeline we are in charge for everything else laugh.

Find the perfect autumn ankle