Wallet is one from the most personal thing we always have with you. Wear him in rear pocket, bags, backpack... we always find out places for him.

Besides keeping it ID card, bank and health cards, he is by himself  reveals a lot about you. I looked at him it reveals whether you are freak for organization and orderliness, are you an account collector or you're still creativesmiley

Anyway, no wallet 9 life as a cat, so do it needed after somebody times replace it with new and better.

If your wallet is already someone time shoot by seams (and that is not because of too much money), time is for little shopping.

What you should look out for?

Types of Wallet Material 

To begin with is important be careful inexpensive imitation leather.

On first sight are wallets make nice and quality, but after some time on them begin to happen changes that should not happen. The skin starts to peel, and the wallet slowly, but certainly loses its shape, color and shine.

Wallet Manufacturers most commonly used bovine skin, but there are and other skin types such as lamb, sheep and pigskin. Everything is known by high quality and of them only you can očekivati dugovječnost. 

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger a wallet of natural material

Other natural materials for making a wallet are cotton and silk, and the most common synthetic material is polyester for which already you probably assume he needs it avoid in a wide range.

Edges and seams of wallets

If you decide on the skin, there are two types edges on the wallet - turn and cut.

Cutting edge, skin is cut and seams it. The edges remain rough and untreated, so they get stuck resin coating. Such a rub will be with time to wear out.

Turn the edges they are unlike the cut much thinner.  The edges of the skin are thinned and after that they turn before rather than joining seamy. It is longer-lasting and expensive process, but such wallets are much more firm. 

Novčanik Tek
A quality wallet with an edge facing

Wallet style

Although wallets have the same basic purpose, they come in different styles.

Some like wallets where they can to keep more money, while others want easy access kreditnim karticama.

The most classic type of wallet it's called Billfoldwhich with both inner sides has card compartments or on the one hand has compartments for cards, and on the other the coin compartment. She shakes halfway, it's elegant and simple and you fit in each pocket trousers.

Hugo Boss wallet


For those who have many credit cards and the loyalty card of individual stores (maybe one of Modeline loyalty clubwink), exist wallets in the middle that have an extra compartment(page). It serves as an additional slot for the cards.

Tommy Hilfiger
Wallet Tommy Hilfiger


If you are more card type and rarely when you have cash with you, there are wallets that provide easy access to all the cards because each of them has its own slot and page. 

Wallet Tek


Do you need especially place for cards, exists and card holder. It's a minimalist cousin classic wallet, but only for credit cards. There is no place for banknotes or coins in it.   

Tommy Hilfinger novčanik
Wallet Tommy Hilfinger

Wallet content

If we have a huge attic or garage, there are great chances we will fill the garbage. The same goes for simple things such as a wallet.

Ask yourself are all the cards in a wallet indeed, so important to them every day carry with you. Before you fill it a new wallet, make a real clean.

Spread all the cards on the table and put only those in the wallet cards that can need any what time. For example, ID card, Driving licence credit card and health card.

Card whit 10% discount code the hairdresser will certainly need it every day, so store it in the tray. 

When we are already at the 10% discount, it's good for ours Club of Loyalty you do not have to have a card with you, so leave it at homesmiley

That would be roughly that. 

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