Slip on sneakers


At first glance they look like ordinary slippers that we wore as kids for school.Do you know those that just had to be put on your leg?

Okay, at least we could not get into an awkward situation for our dear colleagues to find out we do not know how to tie shoes.

And when we were grown up (read the fifth grade), we all wanted to wear convers because these slippers were pure evil. a couple of years later, here they are again! Only not intended for school are the last fashion celebrity of the world.

Yes .. we know that at first glance some are repulsive, but really stop and think a little bit. 


Are not they really great?They are light, no tie, when we are in a hurry just put them on their feet, they go to all dress combinations and are perfect for the autumn,ie when it's a bit cold, hot, and cold again.

That's why they call slip on sneakers! They just get stick to their feet like a japan, they're actually sneakers

And just to know, they do not look like ordinary school slippers today.

Well, there are such, but today you can choose between different models - sporty, elegant, those who remind you of moccasins, and some are pure simplicity


Want to know how to handle them? Here are some cool styling that will put you down!

1.Pants to ankles and slip on shoes

When out there is not so cold that you'll be warm put on,
put on dress up pants to ankles, light shirt and of course  - slip on shoes ! 


This is a great combination for afternoon coffee when trying to catch this little sunshine on the terrace.

Slip on tenisice i hlače do gležnjeva

Skechers slip on highlights Flexx slip on tenisice Tamaris slip on tenisice


2.Short pants and slip on sneakers 

For those who live in the warmer regions of Our Beautiful, the time for shorts has not passed yet, but the time for the flip-flops is still. Replace the japan shoes with slip on sneakers that will, if necessary, warm your feet.

And well, we might even jump continents for a couple of times in shorts, so this styling can be worth it for us too. Dependent on what Zoran Vakula says

Slip on tenisice i kratke hlače

3.Business look and slip on sneakers? Why not!

We've seen quite a few times how ordinary tennis shoes and suits go together


so why not go and much more elegant, and still casual, slip on the sneakers? Dress up your suit or choose for cheerful versions-

jeans, shirt and jacket or skirt and a light shirt.  


You'll show that you have my own, your attitude, but that you hold on to yourself.

And best of all, those eight hours of sitting will go faster in comfortable sneakers than you would in a High heels

Poslovni look za slip on tenisice

Lacoste slip on tenisice Imac slip on tenisice Flexx slip on tenisice

4. A little fitness in a slip on a sneaker does not harm anyone


Slip on sneakers are good for those who want to have some recreation,

or this purpose, Skechers has made a special line of slip on a sneaker, namely Slip on Go, Flex and Breath Easy Sneakers.


They are excellent for jogging, jogging and fast walking. Dress up your sports tights and shirt and you are ready for a quick walk to the center and the coffee bar on the terrace.

Sportski look i Skechers slip on tenisice

Skechers Slip On Go Flex Skechers slip on cipele Skechers slip on microbust

5.  suspenders and slip shoes

 suspenders(the ones we all wear as kids) are back in! So you will not make a mistake if you put the suspenders and underneath them a tight shirt.

Tregerice i slip on tenisice

6.Dress or skirt and slip on sneakers for a casual look


Get rid of head to toe and feet, instead of a pair of jeans, skip the slip on the sneakers. If you go out, at least you will not be all night in one place, because you will know how to walk in the sneakers, and the odds that those sneakers will be misty.

Haljina i slip on tenisice

And ... have we managed to get you to the side of the slip on a sneaker?

You do not have to answer because we believe we are!


So employ your fingers and skip through our online offer. We have a great selection of slippers on the sneaker so as soon as you get started you will first choose those. And if you accidentally order the wrong size, be careful not to worry because we offer a free replacement


Everything just to be happy