If we look into your shoe closet what will we find?

Were your sneakers, boots and anklets in rainbow colors or your choice of shoes could be called 50 gray shades?

We believe that the color of your clothing also follows the color of your shoes. And that's never a coincidence.

Yes, the colors speak very much about our personalities, and the people on the basis of them make more or less superficial conclusions about us.

What if we tell you that an expert in color psychology can draw on your basic psychological profile just based on the appearance and color of your footwear?

Are you surprised? A little scared? There is no reason for fear, you can not escape from yourself, and why not? :)

Colors affect our mood and how others experience us.

Red for strong

If you wear red shoes you are probably optimistic, restless and easy to withstand monotony.

Red is the color of strength, health, and vitality, so others will consider you as a brave, aggressive or impulsive person to walk into the room by wearing red on the feet.

Motivation to take action, strong emotion, and male energy are impressions that you will leave to others if you like to wear this longest wavelength color in the color spectrum.

Crvena je za snažne



White is innocent and naive

White symbolizes youthfulness and purity, and can point to the desire to attain the slightly impossible ideals. White shoe lovers are neat and impeccable, invisible and always optimistic.

If your cupboard is predominantly white, you are probably a safe, dependable and self-confident person. You may sometimes be shy, but you have a clearly defined attitude towards most things around you.

Bijela je nevina i naivna



Blue for mourners

Although cool, blue is actually the color of a friend we can always trust. This is the friend who will be the driver while the others are having fun with the cup, two, three. This trusted person probably wears blue sneakers and can always have fun at all times.

Blue shoes are chosen by relaxed, honest and loyal people. They are ready for compromises that will lead to a fair solution and can solve almost everything by talking.

Except when overlapping the emotions, then the lovers in blue will become cold and indifferent to the colors they like to wear on their feet.

Plava za staložene mudrace



Black is authoritative and powerful

The prestige and power are important to black shoes lovers. Black shoes are usually carried by independent people, strong will and full self-control.

Occasionally, they can seem insensitive and "control-freaks", and sometimes they are very uncertain. Actually they can be all because black is all colors in one.

Because of their complex nature often leave plenty of room between themselves and other people, which is fine because, in the crowd, no one would notice their new blacks.

When you wear black shoes you want all the comments :)

Crna je autoritativna i moćna



Yellow is for hipster :)

The color of the sun, happiness, wisdom and imagination. Yellow sneakers choose bright, wise people with a strong sense of humor.

Yellow carriers in any situation can bring a little joy, even without a yellow shoe. Their favorite annual season is certainly the summer, with each of their friends having totally different, yet wonderful relationships.

Žuta je za hipstere



Green is in the middle

Green is in the middle of the color spectrum and marks the balance. Such are people who like green shoes, social, but prefer peace at all costs.

If you love to wear green shoes you probably are able to observe both sides of the story and make a good judgment, but that can also mean a lot of prejudice or caution.

Zelena je u sredini



In a wide variety of colors and models we always look for what suits us. Whatever color you choose, wear it proudly.