Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.

~ full of controversial advertisements, Calvin Klein made history with this slogan and Brooke Shields as the face of that campaign. Namely, Brooke was 15 years old at the time! 


One of the most important representatives in the fashion world, Calvin Klein, wrote a really large number of pages in the fashion history. As one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world, Calvin Klein is known for its prestigious garments, fashion accessories and perfumes. Their beautiful collections of shoes and bags from season to season they express the minimalist, but the elegant style of the brand, and with an impeccable level of top quality.

Calvin Klein heels

The American brand was founded by Calvin Klein in 1968 in New York, initially as a brand of men's coats. He soon expanded the offer to women's clothing, which popularity acquired rapidly, especially among the younger generations. In the seventies, Calvin Klein resorted to the strongest marketing weapon - including "scandalous" advertising campaigns that caused controversy. Apart from the (too) young naked Brooke, the jeans campaign of 1979, which featured a teenager in skinny jeans, especially raised dust, helped the brand become famous and become one of the most famous brands in the world of fashion. 
Soon after, Calvin Klein expanded its offer to include shoes, bags, fragrances, glasses, and other fashion accessories, thus covering every corner of the fashion world with its offer - and each one was more than successful. 

Calvin Klein čizme

But we know why we are here - because of the shoes!

Calvin Klein covers every category, and with every type of footwear it maintains a level of elegance that fits perfectly with the brand's style - from sneakers to heels.

Calvin Klein sneakers are so simple and minimalist, but fashionably effective in their simplicity. Shoe models with a high heel become a bestseller, and often delight with small special features, such as a transparent heel or a discreetly incorporated monogram of the CK logo. Since the big comeback of the espadrilles a few seasons ago, it was their models that took a high place on the ladder of popularity and practical and comfortable spring footwear - and with spring just around the corner, new collection right now fills the shelves! 

Calvin Klein sneakers

Calvin Klein bags follow all the determinants of the brand - top-quality manufacturing and classical-modern,pure aesthetics, will be the perfect choice for years and years of use. From classic leather bags to practical backpacks, handbags for going out, for business occasions or everyday use, the Calvin Klein bag collection covers every occasion. Models have a special place in wardrobes (and hearts). In red color, which in an instant and with a minimum of effort elevate any outfit and add the right touch to it with a dose of sexipil.

Decent men's bags are the ideal solution for overflowing pockets, and their simple look guarantees that it will be easily combined with different styles, thus suiting every man. 

Calvin Klein bags

Get excited, get inspired, indulge in your fashion statement with the new collection brand Calvin Klein, you don't want to miss discounts during the winter season!