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The holiday season is here, and let's not lie - we all look forward to gifts! There is never enough joy, togetherness, songs and cakes, and the icing on the cake of happiness that the holiday season brings with it is precisely gift giving. And speaking of things that you can never get enough of... There's one gift you can't go wrong with: a bag. Because on behalf of all women (and a good part of men too), we can say that bags and purses are never enough!

women's bags guess
Guess Atene Society Satchel / Guess Aura Black

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, elegant and practical ladies bag lagano tackles that task - whether the lucky lady on your list is a serious business woman, a fashion-conscious student or a mom on the go, there's a bag for her that will be a great addition to her wardrobe. From elegant and sophisticated purses to spacious and practical bags, there is a women's bag for every style and occasion, and you can find them all with us - and from the collections of the most famous fashion brands!


Guess bags the new collections exude a contrast of elegance mixed with a strong dose rebellious spirit. Gold-chain and large gold buckles catch the eye on the popular models of the series Izzy, Abey i Noelle from the new autumn-winter collection, and the more subtle models owe their popularity precisely to the contrast they achieve so easily - even though they are monochromatic, without a predominant detail, they achieve the effect of a strong, powerful aesthetics.

guess bags
Guess Izzy Convertible / Guess Retour / Guess Atene Olive

Calvin Klein

Impeccably modern Calvin Klein bags they are the ultimate choice with which every woman who appreciates her fashion accessories will be delighted quality, practicality and refinement. So every woman! A large bag is more than a fashion accessory, it is a salvation for her busy everyday life and a refuge for every little thing that a practical woman might need.

calvin klein torbe
CK Must Tote Cognac / CK Racing Red / CK Elevated Satchel

In addition to large elegant bags, the bearers of the new Calvin Klein bag collection are also irresistible models red purses, which will fit perfectly into the cheerful ones advent combinations and add a final note sexy on New Year's outfit.


Bags from the Italian premium brand Valentino are definitely at the very top of the list of the best gifts under the pine tree! Except effective ones statement buckles, Valentino bags are one of those that use every opportunity to stand out from the rest - so special attention is paid to decorative straps, stitched patterns and diverse shapes. For extra points in her book, Santa could also check if the selected bag has his own matching Valentino wallet - because the chances are high that there is! 

valentino torba
Valentino Alexia Nero / Valentino Ocarina / Valentino Chilli Cipolla

For Him - Tommy Hilfiger

And who says that a bag is an ideal gift only for a woman? Sophisticated men's bags they are a piece of wardrobe that every man needs, even though most people don't feel like shopping for them. In addition to relieving the eternally overstuffed pockets, bags for men raise the complete picture of fashion expression to a higher level.

Tommy Hilfiger male bags
TH Stripe / TH Central

Tommy Hilfiger men's bags are season after season the most popular piece of fashion accessory for men, and not without a cover. Made of imitation top quality leather, meet the highest standards for long-term daily use. Large enough to safely store everything a man needs, and small enough for practically imperceptible light carrying, they are ideal for covering all his needs. And of course, let's not forget the subtle but strong detail that makes the difference - red-white-blue signature line which became a symbol urban gentleman style.

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