Dear 2020., goodbye and good riddance!

It is in our nature to cling to these more important dates when we want to introduce change, and among them the best is the New Year. It makes sense - a system reset is done, backlogs and problems are written off, new victories and adventures are set off with more zest, desire and courage. We can talk about anything New Year's resolutions, but whether they are efficient or not, they still lift us up nicely in this age.

And as for the reset - it's never been more necessary than this year, don't you agree? Let's not be fooled, we will certainly have to deal with tails from this year and in the next, but we always have a piece of the world around us to decorate and beautify.


Get rid of the excess of everything

We assume that you have spent more time at home than ever. Have you noticed how much you don't really need, and how much space it takes up? The time of hand-waving with "it will be solved another time" has passed. A new start wants its own space, and you yourself know how much you enjoy innovations!

And soon, when the world is in order, and 2021 begins to make up for everything that 2020 took from us, nothing will be sweeter than shine brighter than ever, always, everywhere, and constantly! 

Over-the-top pieces

We haven't worn so many things this year that we will want to wear right away ALL. 

Is it too much? Are you overdressed for the occasion? Is it too flashy, too colorful, too big, too avant-garde? NO. It's not. It's not time to bother with such questions after all this time in tracksuits for the home - put them on everything you want, we all deserved it! 



Quelle: stylecaster, stylecharade, ElleUK


The return of high heels

In the reign of slippers, working from home and closed cafes, we hardly had time to take the heels out of the closet. And how it goes with us humans - when you have nowhere to be with them, that's when you want them the most! That's why in 2021 it's finally their turn heels. All those tight dresses and letter skirts that look a million times better with heels, welcome back! All that self-confidence that comes from strutting around in your favorite piece of footwear - we can't wait for it! Next year, we charge for missed impressions with the best models of high heels - high boots, elegant ankle boots and modern lounges.



Guess / Trussardi / S.Oliver / Tamaris


A backpack as a reflection of elegance

The trend that achieved the greatest rise among top brands right at the beginning of 2020 is too big a hit to remain unfulfilled in its full glory. That's why high-end backpacks they map to 2021 - and the time when the rucksack had primary sports connotation is finished.

Business, leather, stylish backpacks they combine everything we love - impeccable style with a favorite practicality and comfort wearing. 



Calvin Klein / Tommy Hilfiger / Guess / Trussardi


Silver and gold

Another great love that we haven't used enough - jewelry. One of the greatest pleasures - to harmonize all yours accessories! Are you a person for silver or gold? Most of us have our favorite among the precious metals, and some like to enjoy both. And although the written rules of fashion say that metals do not have to match each other, in the unwritten world we will mostly come across harmonious combinations of jewelry - and we especially like to emphasize them with matching fashion accessories - belt, purse, shoes.



Armani Exchange / Tamaris Silver / Guess torba / Guess tenisice



Mask as a fashion accessory

We like to look forward to the end of 2020 and everything that the new year brings us, but until then we need a little more patience. Disposable face masks are an easy choice, but after all this time they turn out to be the most expensive, and definitely the most boring - and at the same time they make the already difficult situation with additional waste even more difficult. Beautify yourself wearing masks models that will make you glad you have them! Black is a new part of the must-have classic, the ones in the color to combine with favorite outfits, and crazy patterns like new statement pieces every wardrobe! 



Quelle:,, Jeremy Moeller (Getty Images)


In any case, we are looking forward to 2021 and everything it brings, especially the realization of New Year's resolutions - New Me is the main hit model of 2021.!