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Complete new line Nike sneakers

New models they just come, come and come, and we all have them we do not get exposed on our shelves. Than, eulogistic was internet, at leasthere you can see our whole new assortment.

Kao što smo rekli, Nike they came to us and are waiting for new owners. And spring is the right time for buying new sneakers,  is it?

whether you are sporting recreationally or you want to wear for everyday or maybe you have small babies and children at home who are so many hyperactivity which the feet craved for quality sneakers, Nike are an excellent choice. 

Simply said - because of their constant innovations are ideal for everyone smiley

Nike Pico 4

Let's start with the little ones and Nike Pico 4 shoes.

This model is special intended for babies and small children which they have big problems with the binding of the sneakers. That's why younger kids are best to buy sneakers on a burdock which is very they simply get it and attach. 

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • they are leather, permanent and comfortable
  • burdock allows simply putting and stripping
  • flexible rubber outsole allows durability and better adhesion on different types of surfaces
  • comfortable and padded tongue

Nike Pico 4  Nike Pico 4  Nike Pico 4

look at the  Nike Pico sneakers

Nike Downshifter 7 

It was initially Downshifter imaginary as a cheap product who will provide basic features Nike running shoes. Every new one by issuing it Downshifter significantly changed their look, what is the case and with this seventh edition. 

Nike is managed to keep it relatively low price although in this release there are several bit upgrades.

Džon Nike Downshifter

This is the first time that that Nike for this a series of sneakers used a mesh layer that provides better airiness, and positive shifts can feel right away.

The upper network is very flexible, and the same sneakers  . Even the lateral layers made so that improve air circulation.  

They are great for gym and some light training, and are comfortable even after a few hours standing and walking around.

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • the mesh layer is not sewing in layers and insures you transparency, comfort and support
  • foam in the fifth sneaker provides comfort and ergonomics
  • rubber sole ensures durability
  • flex slots allow natural leg movements

This model of sneakersis available for men, women, and for toddlers.Sneakers for toddlers come in a combination thistle and  shoelace which will make it easier for them putting.

Nike Downshifter 7  Nike Downshifter 7  Nike Downshifter 7


look at Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Revolution 3

You will not believe that a little money you can have it good sneakers which they provide adequate foot supportas well as airiness for any kind of training. Even with everyday activities.

Nike Revolution 3 they have pads themselves for better foot support, and the upper is covered with a light mesh which provides airiness and ease of walking. 

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • the upper mesh is not sewn in layers therefore ensures lightness and airiness
  • foam on the fifth sneaker provides ergonomic foot support
  • the sole of the heel is covered rubber network which provides durability and better adherence to various surfaces
  • flex grooves improve flexibility
  • the top is made of material that coolsand refreshes interior sneakers
  • deep horizontal and vertical slots improve flexibility

Nike Revolution 3 available for men, women and for something bigger kids. Sneakers for the younger are in combination shoelace and thistle what will little ones make it easier to keep up and prevent foot to go to and fro.

Nike Revolution 3  Nike Revolution 3  Nike Revolution 3


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Nike Air Vibenna

Nike Air Vibenna are running shoes with airy textile fabric and the upper antelope which provides comfort and durability.

Fifth have:

  • support solid as a cage for improved stability,
  • in the heel is located Nike Air technology for extra shock protection.
  • sole heels is covered rubber insole for maximum adhesion and durability.

Nike Air technology consists of pressurized air which is in solid form and a flexible slot. These slots can be be in the sole, at the front part of the foot or in combination. 

Air Sole unit in Nike Air sneakers decreases silent hit by extending it. After the blow he comes back immediately in the initial form and volume so it's so ready for the next blow.

The benefits of this sneaker:

  • Nike Air technology
  • leather upper for better comfort
  • rubber sole for better adhesion

This model of sneakers available for men and women. 

Nike Air Vibenna  Nike Vibenna


Nike Court Borough

Nike Court Borough offer modern, and again casual look. It's high leather and permanent, and simultaneously can be sports and more formal sneakers. Top of the sneakers follows the form top of the finger so su compress design.

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • subliminal language
  • rubber sole for better adhesion on the surface
  • leather upper

These sneakers are available for men, women and children.

Nike Court Borough  Nike Court Borough  Nike Court Borough

LOOK AT Nike Court Borough SNEAKERS

Nike MD Runner 2

Nike MD Runner compress are shapes with foam for all day and everyday comfort.


  • light fabric provides transparency
  • skin pigeon for better comfort
  • sole with a foam for ergonomic effect
  • the sole is covered with rubber a network that ensures durability better adhesion for all types of surfaces

These sneakers are available for men,women and children. The sneakers are on the toe and very easy secure and fasten. 

Nike MD Runner  Nike MD Runner  Nike MD Runner



Nike Nightgazer

Everyone needs a nice one casual, stylish sneakers.

They are perfect for those days when you just want simplicity.  Just because want simplicity and comfort does not mean not you can look perfect.

These sneakers are sporty mesh layer, and the upper is mostly made of leather. In the rug hell is there pad from polyurethane foam which eases silent hit, and the sole is covered with rubber mesh layer.

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • mesh layer for air
  • rubber sole for better adhesion
  • polyurethane foam to relieve blows

These sneakers are available for men, women and children. 

Nike Nightgazer  Nike Nightgazer  Nike Nightgazer


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Nike Air Max models

Nike Air Max  technology for the first time is presented in the late 1980s. It's revolutionary technology originated from Nikea Air technology and represents for the first time visible air in sneakers.


Nike Air Max razvijanje


Consists of small Air-Sole particle which are replaced its former ergonomic foam in sneakers. That's right sneakers become all the easier without losing their performance.

Benefits Air Max technology: 

  • It's light. Max Air replaced is a heavier ergonomic material for the boot sneakers and so decreases her weight no yes negatively affects on performance. It is important because it is easier sneakers generally reduce performance of athletes.
  • Adaptability. Different users demand and different performance. Max Air technology designed is that satisfy everything user desires. From running, gym to common walks through the city.
  • Protects against shocks. Like a leg hit the ground, Nike Air tehnologiija absorbed power impact and protects the muscles, joints and tits. Air Max technology will be immediately return to yours original form to protect it body from the next blow. As a result, users protect the body from fatigue and stress.
  • Endurance. Long life of a sneaker is extremely important to everyone, and features Max Aira it will never get fat. 

Here are some models Air Max sneaker which we have in web shopu and stores.

Nike Air Max Sequent 2

Nike Air Max Sequent 2 they are great for casual style, they are also breathtaking and correspond to any purpose. running, šetanje, Gym... It's pretty much anyway.

Nike Air Max Sequent 2 has introduced new colors in the assortment which they will catch the attention of others and give it that"final touch" clothing combined.

They are not among the cheaper Nike line, but each lime is worth it.

The top is covered mesh layer, and Max Air technology in the heel provides transparency, mekoću and comfort to every foot. Flex slots in the front sneakers (at the tips of the toes) provide and maintain natural range of motion.

Nike Air Max Sequent

The benefits of these sneakers: 

  • Max Air technology provides maximum comfort and prevents pressure on the heel
  • air mesh improves airflow
  • In sole heels is located Phylon a pillow for better comfort. Phylon is a foam sastavljena od kuglica which is heat expanded, and cooling sit in the place. Foam can be made of any kind of material, and most commonly used polyurethane foam which is the most dense, toughest and the most stable material.
  • rubber sole for durability and better adhesion

Nike Air Max Sequent 2 available for men and women.

Nike Air Max Sequent  Nike Air Max Sequence   Nike Air Max Sequence 2

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Nike Air Max Dynasty 2

Nike Air Max Dynasty 2 they are best for Gym and straight road.

Flywire tehnologija in shoelace allows better support feet because it locks and reduces slip.

Nike Flywire technology consists of strategically placed fibers which function as a cable the hanging bridge which has role to support necessary places.These are powerful Flywire thread are put on in shoelace so get out of it reason it decreases itself the weight of the sneaker. 

Nike Flywire tehnologija

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • in the heelis located Phylon pad for better comfort and shock absorption
  • gumeni mrežasti potplat za bolje prianjanje i trajnost
  • podstavljen jezik 

Nike Air Max Dynasty 2 are available for men and women.

Nike Air Max Dynasty 2  Nike Air Max Dynasty 2  Nike Air Max Dynasty 2


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Nike Air Max Motion

Nike Air Max Motion sneakers are quite jammed Air Max model. Many thought that it will never shine,but they cheated because at least one model this summer need to decorate your closet. And legs smiley

The top is covered a meshing layer for extra air, and Air Max technology u potplatu pete provides comfort which is difficult to describe. 

The benefits of these sneakers:

  • flexible comfort
  • it's light, airy, flexible a snekaerswhich goes in everyday style
  • upper mesh layer  which provides airiness
  • Air Max technology
  • in the front of the sneaker are flex slots which allow easy to move
  • durable rubber a foot for better prianjanje na various types of surfaces

This model of sneakers available for men and women. 

Nike Air Max Motion  Nike Air Max Motion  Nike Air Max Motion


LOOK AT Nike Air Max Motion SNEAKERS


For the end we can say that it is a purchase sbeajers very important. They must provide comfort, and must and fit nicely.

If you can not decide yet which shoes to buy, look at our full a new collection Nike on the Web. Study them well and order one of the best smiley

go in search for the perfect Nike