It's summer and it is hot like hell! I will not wear closed shoes.
Sandals on a man are a thing of the past, man!
Well sandals wearing only my uncle, he is 70 years old.

Are you one of the men who would think something like this?

If it is your answer YES then this blog is just for you.

You probably didn't know they did sandals are actually the first known footwear, and the oldest were found thirties years last century in the cave in the US federal state Oregon. They are made of natural material, more precisely, American sagebrush and they are part of a permanent set Klamath County museum. Sandals they were and stay the simplest form of foot protection. Without unnecessary complications, please.

Besides, they are the oldest, you will be able to tell everyone this story and cancel at least a small part of prejudice according to man which are decided to free their feet. They are mine older than yours, ha!

Therefore, you want to wear sandals? That, we know, little ventilation for the foot very good comesin the summer months.

You have to be ready at a little ridiculing by the best friends and par strange looks while walking own sandals city center. But teasing and strange looks are normal, especially when you dare to be different and to go despite prejudices

Now that you are ready,we have to tell you how ever exist some rules which you have to hold how would yours everyday styling combined with sandals.

A man in sandals and on a city asphalt can be a top combination if you follow these 6 tips.

1. Hygiene in the first place

If it's your foot breathe in the open air you have to make sure they are clean and neat. Nor beautiful Modeline sandals can not fix it bad impression which leave long, yellowed nail or heels that are as smooth as Dalmatian karst
They're feet intimate parts human body and others will not be comfortable watch your uncomfortable foot,neither to you something that's safe not the goal. If you're brave to wear sandals, the problem is not even go with a girl to pedicure treatment, and you can even arrange your feet yourself.

2. Men's sandals for every day must be of good quality

Flip-flops or less quality variants sandals leave for the beach, swimming pool or apartment. If you wear sandals , raise the ladder and Choose those that will withstand hours on the city asphalt, and no a couple of minutes to a nearby baker. 

3. Do not wear sandals to work

The only job that can withstand the sandals is that rescuer. If you are not a rescuer on the Golden War or Bundeku leave your sandals for private time. You think you're fashion consciousor you paid the sandals too much to wear them only in free time? We believe you, but someone else's toes are not something we want to look at at the computer,contracts or at a business meeting. Hold on and keep yours beautiful for later.

4. Combination of mans sandals and a sock with a pattern

 Solid color socks and sandals

Smeđa muška sandala walk&fly Muška sandala walk&fly Crne muške sandale walk&fly

Choose your model from Walk&Fly men's sandals collection

You have not been able to touch up your feet, and outside it is a little cold and the night falls.....
Probably every old fashion connoisseur will tell you that combination of socks sin against humanity. It is the primary rule of good taste, they would say.
That's why, we say! The rules are there to break!
If they are sandals one color break monotony socks  with a pattern. If sandals even have a pattern this combination complete of one color socks without a pattern

5. Do not wear sandals at first date

The first date is like business meeting. You should not show weaknesses, The first impression is strong, long remembered and it's hard to change it. If you just want to something more open type of footwear, choose loafers
If you agreed styling and you are sure that's just sandals they go to that combination, our recommendation is: Do not wear them at first date. Sandals you can wear it later in a relationship when you will be safe to your most beautiful half likes the beach,sandals and sands between its fingers.

6.Roll up trouser leg for a total freedom

One of the most important reasons for sandals during the summer is more foot air.

Rarely what can surpass that one a sense of breeze which goes through the fingers.

For maximum effect roll up trouser leg how much you want, up to 10 centimeters is good, but the recommendation is slightly above the ankle.If you wear it roll up jeans on the sandals try to combine jeans narrow cut, they wide they should never match up with sandals. 

That's it! You are ready to choose your sandals and do this summer even more unusual. Get used to it be different while you follow trends or even better, you dare postavljati set up trends!


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