“So what socks you got???”


Have you ever asked a colleague at work for questioning? 

And then you face a face that reminds the cocker spaniel look at these socks and nothing was clear to you


Well, that's just socks! 


Well, that is not so. Socks are a very important detail in your outfit. Apart from having to keep your feet warm, you'd better match them with the rest of the closet. 


Men have to wear socks and there is no real sock stock you should have

We have prepared the basic rules for wearing socks.

1. With socks going to the end

Whether you bought your ankles, ordinary socks or socks there is a golden rule:

The socks are picks up to the end. So there is no rolling or shortening of the sock.

2.The socks should be in good condition

The holes on the socks of the can not be seen, but it feels like it. If the hole is somewhere up, it would be good if these socks - throw it (preferably in waste textiles).

3. Socks of the same color as the pants

Za svečane prilike ili konzervativnije poslovno okruženje držite se pravila "čarape iste boje kao hlače"

When you are totally unsure about the choice of stockings, one of the oldest and most conservative tips for choosing a sock is:


The socks should be of the same color as the pants.

But if a man has his own personal style, he should feel free to break this rule. Samples of colorful socks can really look great if you know how to carry them.

Those who look closely at the harmony know the socks match the color of the bag or the socks that go with a scarf!

it's an old British rule and you guess it's a cracking checkered.. 

4. The socks must follow the occasion

You can not wear sports footwear for a wedding. That's great NO. When wearing a suit with a tie and stockings must follow the occasion.


You have to choose high quality stocking knee socks from fine materials.


This does not mean that you will better look if such fine socks decide to put on training.


At training you can wear those of your most comfortable white cotton socks.

5.  low socks- how and where

Low socks are basically sports socks. And they and go along with the sneakers.
In ancient times there was a saying, "The Lord never reveals his ankles”.

Stopalice su dobar izbor za sportske kombinacije

But today, gentlemen, they reveal their ankles when they wear Scree pants on the sneakers

and tad are low socks which they only see  the edges are quite a good choice. 

6. Creative with socks

socks Smile or dinosaur socks are totally for you?

And to us, but you have to know that you are no longer going to kindergarten but to work. And then strange looks could be received from clients and partners, not just colleagues from work.

If you work in some conservative environment it would be good to hold conservative socks.

Dobar ukus daleko se prepoznaje

If you work in an environment where you can wear the socks you like, just go ahead.

Still, you should at least coordinate that color, to look cool, not as a circus clown.

That does not mean that socks should be exactly the same colors as shoes or pants , but they should go together


7. Socks and sandals

Stockings and sandals are justified in a combination of three situations

  • you took sandals instead of slippers in the hospital

  • you put your sandals on socks because you're throwing trash in front of the building or going somewhere in the yard

therefore not


After this text you are a qualified man wearing a sock. If you need new socks, order them in Modeline.