Although the weather is changeable at the moment and you certainly still have some in the pipeline boots or rain shoes and colder weather, for the nicer, warmer and sunnier one add to the shelf and – Slingbacks.

Love between women and shoes is definitely unbreakable, so we are particularly pleased with this trend transitional period when we are looking for shoes in which we will not be cold in the morning, neither too hot at the end of working hours.

Transitional period

Although a few seasons ago we couldn't even imagine them in our collection,elegant salons and Ballet shoes and open heel they returned among the most desirable modelsand conquered the fashion world and our wardrobes. Slingback silhouette brings a characteristic to each model half-open heel, so she stood out as excellent spring and autumn selection - then when the days are warm enough and we don't need warm socks, but we need shoes that are not completely open like sandals, but not completely closed like boots.

Comfort above all

Slingback shoes are at the same time elegant und trendy, but also extremely comfortable. In them we can spend the whole day and that's exactly why it's hard to resist them. Since the heel is open, there is no uncomfortable pressure, and models with lower block oder kitten heel they are made for the whole day wearing without discomfort.

The most popular slingback model which will mark the beginning of the spring season and replacing closed shoes and boots for spring business classics are slingback lounges and high heel. Instead classic lines, will replace the heel of the simultaneously classic and trendy it model for autumn strap or ribbon which follow the line of the shoe and fasten just above the heel. In addition to being a trendy detail, a strap or ribbon will be an element that will bring semi-open models stability.

Shoes that adapt to you

Ballerina shoes are ideal for casual gatherings, sandals for upcoming summer parties, und lounges on block five for work and everyday duties.
If you combine them with a pair of your favorite jeans, midi skirt, with a romantic dress or a business suit, this shoe model will become your new one favorite classic with emphasis with a touch of elegance from which you will not be separated.

Girls started wearing this model last spring, but it seems that slingbacks are currently experiencing the real thing boom. The selection in stores is bigger than ever, you can find something for everyone, from jplain to indispensable with patterns.

Every color is right

You may be hesitating colors? Let yourself go spring combinations and choose any - cream, pastel pink, yellow... Some got i accessory on the strap which makes them even harder to resist. Slingback shoes they bring a breath retro glamour – will delight those who like to sail through various fashion periods.


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