Do you know what was yesterday?

First day of spring!


What does that mean? Goodbye rain, snow, cold, morning frost and all the fuss associated with wet and cold weather.Welcome to the sun, afternoon coffee on the terrace and a walk in nature..

And how best to welcome for spring? Well with a new pair of light and airy sneakers


Because we have a great selection of tennis shoes , we decided to make a list of the top 6 types of sneakers that will be a real hit in the spring / summer season!



1. High sneakers or all stars converse

Every woman who loves fashion must have at least one pair of high all stars converse.They are so popular to wear in the winter and summer months.

Many of them combine in different styles, so they will fit the casual and sporty looks as well.


And not just that! High sneakers are increasingly worn on suits.


You can choose classic monochrome, with a print, those colorful or with shingles.Samples and colors will never miss you.

Converse  Converse  Converse

need all stars converse

2.White sneakers

White sneakers are comfortable, cool and can be worn at all!  If you want to be in trend, you should certainly have one pair of classic white tennis shoes regardless of brand and model.


When it comes to styling, there are no rules. Well on leather pants,pants with wide cut, on the dresses, business look, and the more popular combination of black dress with white sneakers.

Lacoste  Tamaris  Adidas

Do you need white sneakers?

3. Colorful sneakers

Although minimalistic white sneakers are in, we think that this year will be a time for returning to colorful and fun.


These colorful sneakers will not only catch the carefree spirit of spring , but will give a playful note to each combination of clothes. go to all the dress combinations- from dresses to ordinary jeans.


The only thing we recommend you to keep up with business combinations


And one more thing - Be prepared to stop almost every passerby and ask where you bought them.The answer will, of course, be in the Modeline stores

Adidas  Desigual  Adidas

You need a Colorful Sneakers

4. Sporty colorful sneakers

Admit to how much you have chosen to engage in sports for a new year's decision?Go to the gym, run or make at least 50 squats a day? Most, is not it??


If you are severely adhering to these decisions, you may additionally encourage colorful sports shoes.

They are crazy, colorful, cheerful and light on their feet. You will look cool and run or gym will turn a real fashion 
fashion runway :) 

This type of sneaker is designed for those who want to stand out from the usual and those whose other eyes will not hurt at all.

You will be The observedand remembered wherever you go!

Adidas  Skechers  Adidas


5. Sneakers with an attitude: one-sided sneakers

The combination of sport and casual style this year slowly, but surely becomes a winning combination for street styling.

It's time to put your feet in colorful colors! Dolaze u cijelom spektru boja, a možete ih nositi u ured,at a clutch or on a lean coffee with friends.

So this year, do not go safe. Show your attitude, seduce with styles and get out of the crowdsmiley

Converse  Converse  Converse

you need sneakers with an attitude

6. Lacoste Marthe Slip On

What spring would be without ballerinas?And that's not a regular ballerina! Lacoste Marthe Slip It's actually the sneakers that look like ballerinas.


They are perfect for those who after a long day come from work or with an intense lecture,and for half an hour they have been arranged for coffee with friends.


Change the outfit quickly and place these sneakers on your feet.


Perfectly go for a variety of dress combinations. For example, a business look with Lacoste shoes will instantly become casual, 

and in combination with spring fluttering dress will give the girl's style. That sweet smiley


Lacoste  Lacoste  Lacoste

you need to lace the sneakers



We hope we helped you and did not miss it with too much choice of spring shoes.

Remember that it is important for lighter and airy shoes for warm weather. If you want a little more to go through our stores or web shop, free!Still, we have so much to offersmiley

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