Combining style and practicality, this unique brand of Italian-designed bags is known for its quality craftsmanship that stretches uncompromisingly throughout its history, and leaves behind an unwavering legacy of the image of a premium fashion name.


Valentino torbe


Mario Valentino founded the brand in Naples in 1952, following in the footsteps of his father, who already in the 20s of the last century was known as the most famous Italian shoemaker and supplied customers from high society. From the very beginning, Mario Valentino designed products that were very different from those of his father: while Vincenzo Valentino preferred a classic look, his son experimented with extravagant styles and unusual shapes. In the mid-60s, the designer added bags to his offer, which have been an important part of the assortment ever since. Even decades after its establishment, bags from the Valentino Bags range are still made according to the traditional methods developed by Mario Valentino in the 1960s.


Valentino torbe

Valentino Chilli Cipolla / Valentino Divina Taupe


Valentino Bags covers a wide selection of women's bags, for every style and every occasion, every mood and every outfit - it will provide you with the perfect piece of an elegant business bag, a relaxed everyday tote bag, but also a glamorous handbag with which you will shine on a night out.


Valentino Bags are made of high-quality imitation leather and stand out with a variety of designs: lovely details give them a special touch. The Valentino Bags brand brings us bags not only for everyone's taste, but also for all needs. In addition to women's bags, this high-fashion brand also offers bags for men, and they even produce backpacks and travel bags.


Valentino Ada Nero / Valentino Ada Blu / Valentino Ocarina Rosso / Valentino Bigs Taupe


Valentino Bags uses some of the most powerful design tools when it comes to women's bags - relying on statement buckles, decorative belts and stitched patterns. As for the shape and uniqueness, many collections are decorated with unusual models or elements, for example, a relief print or a wide belt with large metal letters that form the name of the brand. Chic bags for a night out are decorated with an elegant V-buckle with fringed chains that give it a particularly glam note, often with a thin strap. They are available in striking patterns and combinations of soft, feminine shades, as well as bright, rich colors.


Valentino Klenia Nero / Valentino Alexia


And practicality? Although bags always win us over at first with their aesthetic impression, how practical they are in everyday life is what will keep that infatuation going for as long as they are worn. Valentino bags are certainly one of the strongest in this field, their compartments will easily satisfy all women's needs for storage space. The organization of smaller, larger, more important and less important things will never fail, and some larger models are even equipped with an integrated compartment for a laptop and a reinforced bottom. The adjustable strap will ensure a comfortable fit for any wearing style and any height.


Valentino Arepa Ecru / Valentino Arepa Nero


Discover a range of premium bags, purses and wallets and take your everyday style to a whole new level with Valentino Bags!