"For beauty, it takes a bit of suffering"

Have you ever heard of that proverb? She is often heard, and we think she invented women when they started to wear pajamas.

Besides,they confirmed her women who bought and too little heels.

The love of women in shoes lasts from the fact that there are women and shoes.

The woman in the beautiful and high heels feels better, confident and more attractive on beautiful and high heels and therefore loves to wear.

Besides, women are simply strange  . They just never have enough footwear for them, and they always find the reason or justification why we need another couple, even if they buy and not obule them once.

Women and men are judging by shoes.

How many times have you heard from your friend "Everything's fine with him, but he has so ugly shoes".

Women judge men in shoes, and they will never understand women's love of shoes.

At the same time, you still notice a woman on high heels and her graceful hold, prolonged legs, and raised butt on high heels.

The fact is that women, when they see a new perfect pair of shoes in the show, do not behave rationally. If they do not buy them, think of them for days and combine all possible outfits.

And why not ... we remember a few justifiable reasons why women are stranded with shoes, and one of them is scientifically based  

There are several reasons why women love shoes

A compliment to the shoes, a compliment is also a woman

There is nothing more beautiful than when someone notices the shoes that you are very fond of.

Sometimes women do not pay much attention to outfits, but with shoes they raise the whole combination.

Interesting shoes are a pleasure

Sneakers, shoes or heels today exist in different shapes and colors, and some look like the right artwork, and this is why women feel the pleasure of carrying them.

Ciple mogu biti i umjetničko djelo
Štikle sjajne TamarisŠtikle zmijski uzorakŠtikle zlatne mat
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Buying a shoe is a pleasure

During the purchase of a new pair of shoes is released dopamine, a hormone very similar to adrenaline, which creates a sense of pleasure.

That's why wearing tall heels or the favorite tennis shoes is affecting your mood, which can definitely be the perfect day.

High heels are there to make you feel better

Sometimes high heels can be of great use and you will find something on tall shelves easier to retrieve. But that's not the only time your heels can help.

If you want to win a man, at any party you put the best and the most beautiful panties to be in the center of attention.

Uz visoke pete uvijek ste u centru pažnje

the classic in colors, do you have them?

Shoes also help you promote on social networks that is very popular today - sell yourself. No one at Instagram knows that you can not walk on high heels 

The pictures you post in your shoes are psychologically affecting the brains of other women who accompany you.

Many women today create a new fashion and create a new trend. Just remember how women settle for a weekend mall on a flower square.

Shoes are there when there is no one else

If your boyfriend leaves you, or at work is not the best day, there are shoes the best friend of a woman whom no man can replace.

Cipele su najbolje prijateljice

Gležnjače srebrne Gležnjače s coflekimaTople crne bucne sa šljokicama

comfortable soft boots


It is your shoes that will improve your mood and will bring something good to you, but it is a pleasure to enjoy your own skin. Because romance comes and goes, and shoes are always there with you.

Just when you feel badly wear the shoes you are in the closet and you have never worn, then walk them at least home and have a glass of wine with you.


And how do you dislike the shoes?

This Valentine's Day just needs to deepen your love of shoes and fall in love with a new couple.

We in Modeline understand how to love her shoes. And that's why we are constantly trying to offer you the bigger choice in ours web store shoes .

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