Spring is the most popular time for love, celebrations and fashion - and that's why spring is also the main season of the only event that unites all three - weddings! We certainly go to weddings to celebrate the love of our friends or family, but there isn't a woman who doesn't immediately wonder 

~ What will I wear to the wedding?~

It is one of a million questions for the bride - and one of the main questions for the guests!

cipele manolo

Ideal shoes for a bride

We know, you have more things to organize than you ever imagined, and each of them has to be perfect - and you want to be the most perfect possible! We can tell you right away that you already are, and that he obviously already knows it, and that it's not the wedding dress, shoes or hairstyle that make you that way - but okay, we know how much pleasure it is to be well-groomed, especially on one of the most important days in life , when you are in the center of attention!

That feeling when you find THE wedding dress is really special, and then comes the big question: which shoes are going to that wedding dress?

Choosing shoes often gives brides a headache, especially those who are not used to wearing heels. Obviously, they must be beautiful, elegant, romantic, but above all - comfortable and stable. You don't even want to imagine what it would be like to stumble while approaching your chosen one, or to bother them during the first dance! In them you should be able to spend hours and hours socializing, painting, dancing, without blisters and without pain in your feet.

We can tell you there - we have ideal shoes for your wedding! Tamaris bridal  models have it all: with heels from 5 to 10 centimeters high, they will satisfy all comfort requirements for that big day, and come in a whole range of appropriate variants: in pure white, pearl white, platinum, silver, nude, rose color, with shiny, metallic or matte finish, and with decent details like buckles, metal straps or macrame pattern.

shoes for the bride
1) Ivory Macrame -  2) Ivory Glam - 3) Pearl
4) Gold Crystal - 5) Lavender - 6) Open Pearl


Ideal shoes for a guest

While the bride has a million things on her mind, the outfit is more or less the only "concern" about the event for you - and by God, it's a sweet concern! For every formal dress, jumpsuit and suit, there are perfect shoes, purse and jewelry with which you will complete the styling and shine - without lying, and fill out your Instagram profile ;)

Whether you are a fan of higher or lower, thick or thin heels, new collection brings shoes for everyone's taste. Choose between classic lounges, semi-sandals or dance shoes with straps for the most comfortable wearing, and don't forget to match the color with the color of the bag! 

Effective shoes in bright colors like green or fuchsia-pink are this season's hits, and they are also available in a version with a large buckle in the style of the famous model Manolo Blahniks, like those made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in the cult episode of Sex and the City.

cipele za vjenčanjeblack formal shoes

1) Green Satin - 2) Rose Macrame - 3) Fuxia Satin
4) Fuxia Metalic - 5) White Pearl - 6) Powder Glam
7) Black Anklet - 8) Black Satin - 9) Black Crystal

Something straight for late hours

Let's be realistic - no matter how ideal shoes we have, chances are that at some point we will still change into more casual shoes, like sneaker, moccasins or ballerinas. The hours of intense partying take their toll, and as the night wears on, appearance ceases to occupy such a high place on the list of priorities. However, we've worked hard enough on it that we can't completely ignore the occasion, and those flat shoes should match the wedding outfit!

Sneakers in neutral colors such as white or beige will suit almost any style, and the ones with metallic details will give an additional dose of elegance. There are also new ones Skechers UNO models in their LOVE edition that celebrates love, and that's exactly what we do at the wedding! White Chucks they are practically an institution in themselves, inevitable on the dance floor in the late hours.

white tennis shoes
1) Mustang - 2) Skechers - 3) S.Oliver
4) Tommy Hilfiger - 5) Adidas - 6) Bagatt


Check out the entire range of shoes on our website webshop, and when you find the model you want, you can leave us a contact to let you know when it's on sale! ;)