The yellow work boot it has been for many years a statement in footwear in women's and men's wardrobes. From work shoes it quickly found its way to Street Style inspired outfits and it is quite clear that it's not about some passing trend.
They owe their popularity to American hip-hoppers who entered the scene in the nineties of the last century. 
Although iconic, sometimes it takes a little inspiration to pair Timberland boots with an outfit. We bring you several examples for the real modern guys.

There is no winter with Timberland

Everyone is returning to boots when it gets a little cold outside. With dark Chino pants and a warm jacket in a contrasting color you certainly won't go wrong. And why Timberland boots? The perfect winter footwear? Because they go well with all jackets, from those with a fur hood to a bomber jacket. In addition, they are made from real leather which adapts to the foot without oversweating. And yes, they are waterproof.

Timberland boots are great winter footwear

Indispensable hoodie

More casual outfits they go most naturally with classic yellow boots. The cotton hoodie outgrew sports fashion and reached the street style just like the Timberlands from working fashion. They go well with sweatpants or even jeans. If you are not brave enough to ripped jeans, and whole ones will round off any casual combination with the popular Timbas. 

Hoodica and Timbe are indispensable men's outfit

A coat and Timberland boots? Of course!

Jackets, parkas and bomber jackets are not the only things that go with Timberland boots. Fashion rules related to wearing a coat they are not so strict anymore as before, so why not combine your favorite beige coat and favorite waterproof boots? You have a big YES from us, especially if you combine darker jeans and a t-shirt with lighter Montgomery capt

Camel coat and Timbe complement each other perfectly

Urban casualness

Cargo pants, a hoodie, a puffy jacket and Timberland boots are a real example everyday urban outfits. For all those who are putting comfort and practicality in the first place, the number one choice this winter will be Timberland boots in combination with functional clothes subjects such as cargo pants. However, so that the combination does not become monotonous, Timberland boots and cargo pants "break" casual with a hood and a jacket.

Black combination and beige boots, why not?


Dare to add some color

Yes, yellow boots are the safest bet with white-black combinations which will always look great. But that doesn't mean you always have to stick to it proven combinations. A piece in a bright color such as an orange jacket it will lift the whole outfit and excellent trade winds s iconic boots. Be brave and experiment with colors, we've heard that Timberland boots go well with green and purple. 

Denim and a puffer jacket with Timba are a winning combination

Denim and Timberland boots are very much loved

Although a handful can be combined with Timberlands materials, textures and colors, we have to admit that it is our favorite combination with denim. Blue shades of denim and yellow shades of Timberland boots are located at opposite color spectrum so that's why they attract us the most. And do you know what goes best with denim? And more denim, of course. You don't have to be afraid that it will be too blue or that it is necessary to wear the bottom and the top in the same shade. This season, denim is worn on the taper, a Timberland women really like denim.

Denim on denim

Don't forget the socks

Yes, it is important how to combine pieces of clothing with Timberland boots, but also what to put under them. The trend of colorful socks bold patterns aren't just for suit-wearing hipsters, we love to see them with iconic yellow boots. The rule applies here “The more colorful, the better”. So roll up your jeans and walk proudly combining patterned socks and the most modern work boots.

Colorful shoes and Timberland shoes

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