You've decided this summer  be in shape and are you planning to start running?


Bravo, congratulations .That's a good decision.


This sport   there is more and more lovers and we are completely clear why.

You can  with it  deal to do it anywhere and anytime. 

It's about outdoor sports .It's free, fun and very healthy , and the only thing you need are good sneakers and good will. 

We have already concluded that you have good will , and we will help you and how to choose the sneakers.


And you're ready for running ;)

Where are you going to run?


First of all , it would be good to decide where you are planning to run. Depending on it you need quite different sneakers. 


For example , sneakers  customized  running on the road  hey are unsuitable for the forest floor and vice versa. 

And while you with running shoes   Asphalt needs good amortization of recurring shocks on a hard surface, 

with running shoes on a natural surfacethe most important is the stability and the substrate that does not slip. 

Choose the footwear according to the foot shape 


Once you have determined  for which you need the sneakers , You should also consider your foot shape. 

There are three types of feet  and they are  normal , straight and raised feet.

Persons  which they have  normal foot have the largest selection of tennis shoes  and they are best for them -rounded sneakers. 

People with flat feet  they need to look for flat sneakers  which will contribute to the stability of the foot ,

and it would be good to buy an orthopedic cartridge. 

People who have  raised feet  they need some sneakers  with a soft layer in the sole, airbags airbags . Mold  let it be rounded.

Tips to Buy Running Shoes


  •  Take enough timeand try out more pairs and models. Once you have determined what kind of sneakers you need and for what, 

    Do not buy the first ones to come to your hand but try different models and different brands. It would be good to note 

    which size  from whom I brand you suit when impressions come to light ,You can also order sneakers from the web shop. And when you need new ones  you will not even have to trade at all:)

  • Try the sneakers in the evening. By the end of the daythe feet are usually slightly overwhelmed 
    so it's running shoes,but also all the other shoes,best to try at that time of the day  to keep you comfortable.
  • Buy larger sneakers.Buy the sneakers where you will have enough space for your fingers, about a centimeter of free space.
    Still, a tennis player should not dance around your leg  or be loose that your foot slips.  The tennis shoe must stand firm , but there should be space in the fingers.

When to change the sneakers

For months run every day   in their favorite sneakers  and you seem to be getting more comfortable from day to day ?


Make sure it does not bother you. 

Even the best quality sneakers  eventually lose their shape,  which means they do not support your foot as they should. 

So always write down when you bought the sneakersand make sure you do not run more than 600 to 800 km. 

If you run 10 km three times a week , your running shoes will serve you about five to six months. 

After that period, be sure to replace them with new ones .Although they may not have been destroyed and torn, 

because of weak support, the feet, knees and hips can be damaged 

If you have any questions  we are at your disposal  online and in all of our stores.

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