Are not your heels a favorite piece of shoes? 


Unless they know sometimes thrust and be really uncomfortable,spending an evening in them sometimes seems like a real adventure.

That's why the platform is perfect for you because they are the best substitute for heels .Prolong their legs ,

they give the height  and all this without those side-effects when you can hardly wait to get them off your feet.

 Can be  chic, sexy i casual, and with this they are a really comfortable piece of shoes. 


Which platform height to choose?


Platforms come in various styles and colors,  and each style has different designs. from the open fingers,tall full heels ,

fully flat platforms…


Height actually depends on it which is the threshold of the pain of your foot.But on the other hand, because of the full heels 

and smooth pads most platforms are really comfortable . Of course ,  choosing heel height depends on the type of opportunity and the impression you want to leave. The more heels you will be, the more sexy and trendy. 

  • low(2,5 cm - 5 cm). Such a guy sandala  is perfect for the usual day  such as afternoon coffee  or casual styling.
    It's gonna be okay on simple jeans and when you want to feel extra comfortable.
Niske plaftorme - Flexx

Low platform - The Flexx


  • Platforms for all opportunities  (5 cm- 6,5 cm). If you want to add some chic and sexy style to your style ,but you still want to be casual

    then take up for a bit higher platforms.  They are not so high that they could not walk in them,and will visually extend your legs

    . You can carry them for a walk in the park or when you go shopping for new shoes  smiley And yet, a 5cm heel

    is the perfect heel height recommended by doctors if you want to avoid painful feet. 

Platforme za sve prilike - Modeline
Platforms for all opportunities - Modeline
  • Elegant and sexye (7,5 cm - 10 cm). This heel height is chic and gives sex and a bit sharp look.  But they are not the most comfortable choice for casual occasions. 
Elegantne i seksipilne platforme - s.Oliver

Elegant and sexy platforms - s.Oliver



Of course there are also platforms over 10 cm , but they are in our opinion for really special occasions when you want to look extra seductive.

Visoke platforme - Laura Biagiotti
High platforms - Laura Biagiotti

What kind of styling do you choose?


If you want a few platforms which will take several seasons then suggest that you choose a simple design which will go on all dress combinations. 


Avoid crazy colors and prefer to get more neutral such as black, navy blue, beige, brown, white and so on.



If you want "wou" effect and draw all the attention to their feet  you probably know that you will not get it with neutral colors . Try

with spring and summer colors such as red, turquoise, yellow, orange and pink. 


Such platforms will look incredible on a simple summer dress or plain white shirt and jeans. 



For the summer days  the perfect combination is airy  a dress of lighter colors  or  skirt of flower prints and of course the platform. 

Avoid narrow skirt models    which strict follows your body line. This combination it could affect   fairly unadjusted ,

so they are a better choice  fluttering and relaxed skirts.

Leprsave haljine i platforme


With platforms you can also get a sporty or casual look . In jeans  or summer skirt  dress up the sneakers with full five . Your feet will look longer, and you'll be slimmersmiley



Of course, jeans and platforms are great together. 


Do you want to emphasize your platform,choose tight jeans,and if you are wearing wide trapeziers or jeans then the trousers should cover most of the platform .You will visually extend and lengthen your image. 

Traperice i platforme


In addition to these few of our recommendations,  it is best to do it yourself  try as much as possible different dress combinations and see

what's best for you.To begin with, you should find the perfect platform, so in our web shop you can see what a is offer

look for the perfect platform