Have you bought new sneakers and do not provide you with a satisfactory support of your foot during running?

No worries, you have not stolen the money in vain.

Although certain models of tennis shoes work according to specific foot forms, sometimes this is not enough. 

In order to adjust the sneakers to each pair of feet, it is necessary to bind them properly.

If you still associate them in the way your grandparents have taught you when you are young, it's time to stop.

Every technique has its advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to find out which one suits you best.

Fifth is slipping from your sneaker or your thumbs

Sliding the toe in tennis is one of the problems that we encounter on a daily basis. The feeling of slipping is not pleasant even during walking, while running should not exist at all.

However, the proper binding of the sneaker can reduce or neutralize the slip effect. 

With a tighter tightening of the ankle around the ankle, the heel will stay in place and your feet will be more stable.

If you are bothered by this problem, we suggest that you cross the crossroads until the last hole. Connect it with the back in parallel and make a loop.

Vezanje vezica utjeće na performanse

If you are kneading on your toes during running, it means that your sneakers in the front do not have enough space. But do not worry, that's not the reason to buy new tennis shoes. Applying appropriate bonding techniques solves this problem.

When attaching the ties, leave one end 12 cm longer than the other. Cross the long run across all the holes. Then take the shorter end and slide it diagonally through the back hole on the opposite side of the sneaker.

Your foot is wide or narrow

If you experience pressure on the whole foot in a classic tie, you probably have a wide foot.

Sports tights are the reason for the need for stability during running of the narrow crown, so your solution is a slimmer tie.

All you need is to go through the first three holes of the jerseys in parallel, each on your side. Cross the rest of your cross.

Široka stopala zahtijevaju posebno vezanje

For tight foot problems, do not tighten the tie clips tightly. The feet thus lose the space needed to stretch during running so that pain and bruising can occur.

For this reason, the tights on the sneakers should cross crosswise. But beware to leave one pair of free holes.

Inflicts pressure on the upper side of the foot or on the wrinkled foot

When the raised lower leg combines with a low-profile shoe, the upper leg pain is warranted. This unpleasant pressure can run into nightmares, but also cause injury, so we recommend the following;

After you initially thread the loop through the first hole on the same side, go to the third. Continue with the third hole on the opposite side and go to the fifth. So, pull the straps through all the remaining holes, then cross the last and the last.

Pravilnim vezanje tenisica spriječite tegobe kod trčanja

It is not comfortable to have a padded foot. Most people feel an unpleasant feeling of pressure preventing them from walking, but for lovers to run it is another story.

If you can not imagine the day without running, we advise you to pair the shoes in a similar way.

This time pull the straps instead of pulling the inside of the strap from the outside.

Your feet are flat or raised

Flat foot problems are best solved by a regular tennis player. However, there is a tie technique that additionally supports the shoe and provides your foot with the necessary support for the right step.

Bind all the lengths crosswise, except for the last two that go in parallel, then make a loop from the side.

I osobe s ravnim stopalima mogu trčati uz pravilno vezanje tenisica.

If you experience pain in the heels after running, you may have an elevated leg of foot.

In this case connect two holes in parallel and the rest crosswise.

Choosing the correct tie is also important

Round ties create less pressure on the flat, but you will have to tie them more often.

Also, it is recommended to use the hose made of natural materials. Cotton yarns will last longer than synthetic.

If your old tights are broken and you need new ones, make sure they are of the same shape and size as the last couple. Although, it is not recommended to change the tie more than twice. Binders have the same life span as the patties you get them, so sometimes the best solution is to buy new tennis shoes.

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