Autumn is right around the corner, bag and accessories are bought, almost everything is ready for the first day of kindergarten or school.

Now is the right time for shoes for "big" shoes, with laces.

Let's give you a few tricks to teach kids to tie their shoes individually and greet you with them velcro sneakers.

When the children are ready to learn binding?

The four-year-old's motor skills are already well-developed for fine ties, but they do not have all the kids the will to learn and they prefer when their parents tie their shoes.

Slightly bigger kids (6 years old) tie straps should not be a problem, you just have to keep their attention.

However, we recommend that you, give your little kid give enough time,because all children are not the same.

Dijete ide u školu

Some will overcome the tie in a few days while others will need a little longer.

A few tricks for faster learning to tie shoes

Most likely you do not remember how you learned to tie shoes, but above all, we advise you to be armed with enormous amounts of patience.

Binding your shoes to you is a routine action and takes some time for learning and mastering the movement.

#1 First explain the difference from left to right

If your child is still unaware of the what is left or right side, binding lessons will be a bit more challenging.

The left-to-right difference is necessary for a child to wear a good shoe on the appropriate leg and to figure out which tire is going to the side.

Although it's a little difficult to explain that your right or left is right, the kids will catch it fast because their brain sucks like a sponge.

#2 Select only one binding method

Most adults usually tie their shoes in the same way as their parents learned, and so your child will most likely continue. 

Ian čvor jbri je način vezanja cipela

Ian Knot - one of the fastest ways to tie shoes

Today, there are a number of ways to tie shoes, some of which are lighter than the classic knot.

Najbitnije je da odmah na početku odaberete samo jedan način koji ćete naučiti svog klinca i držite se toga jer se oni lako mogu zbuniti.

#3 Stand on the same side

If you are both left-handed or right-handed, it is best to stand on the same side and explain toddler how to mimic your movements.

Sit and put your sneaker in your lap and encourage the little ones to do the same.

Slowly perform the movements and let the child simply "mimic" you. 

Many parents make a mistake and stand in front of a child, so they mimic movements, but the end result is not the same, because the child is difficult to reconcile with which hand he must perform which movement.

But standing opposite makes sense if you have a different dominant hand, for example, when a parent is left-handed and child is right-handed.

#4 Choose a different color laces

The combination of different color bindings on the same shoe will accelerate learning because people react most to color.

Uz šarene vezice lakše se pamti

The kids will better understand when you tell them that blue tie goes below the red instead when you say that the right tie goes under the left and ends in the left hand.

As well as being able to learn how to tie fast, the color pads can help you with a better understanding of the left and right side, and after a while you can switch to monochrome bindings.

#5 Turn learning into play

If you notice that your kid does not have excessive desire to learn how to tie shoes, you can learning quickly turn into a game.

The order of movement of the children is easily remembered by the songs that are designed for the laces.

The learning can help and a variety of picture books and books that teach kids to tie shoes and even have a pair of shoelaces conducted through the covers.

Well, something like that, you can create your own, and you only need a piece of cardboard, markers and shoelaces.

Draw the shape of the shoe on the cardboard marker, drill the holes and run the jumps through them.

Such a model can also be put on a table and you can give it a little boy without fear of tieing shoes together.

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