Remember the day you bought your first boots, how happy were you for making money for them yourself, without asking your parents to buy them? You regularly polished, dressed, and kept them in order to look as long as they had just come out of the shop. After that, you bought one more ... and another and so created your little collection.

What you have a lot of couples that you can change every day does not mean you do not have to wear a dress. Pure boot is a nice boot, she was old or new. And it does not take too much effort on the leather shoes. It takes just a few minutes to clear it and protect it, and be quiet for at least a while.

Marite za kožnu obuću.

Why groom leather shoes

Just as you need to regularly hydrate your skin so it does not shoot in the cold air, you also need to regularly hydrate your leather boots in order to preserve the glow and to keep it as new as possible. The skin on your boots can be as easy to crack as the skin of your hands, and it would be a shame that after several boots they would be like a thousand miles of pebbled terrain.

How do you want your skin on boots to look like?

The first task is to wonder how you want the skin of your boots look and the role they have in your life.

It also all comes down to taste. Someone wants a clean and impressive look of a shoe, while others have nothing against scratches, stains and natural wear. Trends today do not require the perfect glow of skin as it was modern before maybe ten years ago. Now it is up to you to decide whether to worn a "look" or you will stick to the glamor, to dress and watch your boots.

Iznošeni izgled je u modi.

Some of the items that are useful in keeping your boots:

  • Soft fabric
  • A wet patch
  • Baking soda
  • Cream
  • Waterproof spray

Četke za poliranje.

Krema Neutro                   Rustic Cream.             

SHO CREAM NEUTRO                                            SHO CREAM FOCA

How does one treatment work on the skin?

  1. Polishing - polishing is done purely by aesthetics. You can polish boots daily or when it seems you need it. There is no rule, it is up to you to decide what kind of glow you want on the boots. When you have removed dirt that can scratch the skin, light rub on the skin. You can polish with a variety of materials, but nylon materials are the best (the old nylon you are planning to throw will be great for this job).
  2. Cream - creams moisturize the material so it does not dry out and does not shoot. It will not make your shoes shiny but will protect them. The cream needs to be lightly rubbed on the boots, just like the skin, to better absorb and moisturize the material. Today there are creams for leather shoes in various colors with which you can properly boot boots (black cream, brown cream, etc.).
  3. Wet fabric - the skin is dry and needs moisture, and cleaning of impurities from leather boots with damp cloth is a good choice. When using the fabric, be careful not to damage the skin by excessively rough rubbing.
  4. Brushes for crushed skin - skin wrinkles is much more demanding than ordinary skin, it is easier to scrub and much harder to clean. In order not to damage it, it is necessary to clean it regularly with brushed brushes and make sure that it is not too damp enough to harden it.
  5. Impregnating Sprays - New boots do not pass water so fast, but if they are not protected, it can easily change. After every ten wardrobe, it would be desirable for them to conceive in order to be protected. When spraying, hold the spray at a distance of 15 inches of footwear so as to spray and disperse it as best as possible.

sprejevi za kožnu obuću

  Nano Protect spRAY                   Set spraY Tropic

Skin must breathe

Excessive use of various creams and sprays can also damage it. Be careful with the products you buy and the frequency with which they are being used. Before applying the product to all footwear, test it on a small piece of boots to see how the skin reacts. If the skin does not light up or darken, the product is safe to use and you can apply it over your entire boots. Let your boots be clean and protected every day!