When we talk about sneakers, the first thought that comes to mind is sport, healthy life and recreation.

However, apart from sports, we often wear sneakers with more casual and sporty outfits for afternoon gatherings.

But can tennis shoes also work in other occasions, such as going out or maybe even in a more formal outfit?

The answer is “yes”.

Because fashion rules have changed and today practically everything is allowed. In addition, the selection of sneakers has expanded, their design has changed and now they are one of the most popular pieces of footwear that can be see on the feet of world trendsetters.

Below are some suggestions on how to shine in your new (or old) piece of footwear - sneakers this spring :)

Low sneakers for a formal and casual look

Low sneakers are minimalist design, and you can wear them with almost everything - from sports outfits to more formal clothes and coats.

Women choose them because they are feminine, simple and high-quality. They are most often worn in combined with skinny or shorts and airy skirts.

Tenisice za ležerna i opuštena izdanja.

They also go well with leggings because they visually lengthen and slim the legs.

If you decide to buy them, be sure to think about brighter models. The combination of white sneakers and a short black dress will be an indispensable combination this summer :)

A trend adored by global trendsetters is the combination of brightly colored sports sneakers with dresses, suits and other finer pieces. It's a somewhat unusual trend, but we find it irresistible. What do you say?

High-top sneakers for cool girls

In the category high sneakers belong sneakers that cover the ankle.

They were originally created for playing basketball or other sports, so they will go perfectly with a sporty and more casual look. They are characteristic of the style of the 90s and have been back in fashion for several seasons.

If you want to be noticed, put them on flowing summer dresses or skirts, but stay away from them in combination with evening or more formal clothes.

In addition to sports high-top sneakers, you can also choose popular old women - a long-established piece of footwear that you can't go wrong with.

They can be elegant and relaxed, and are popular in combination with suits, evening dresses, slim jeans and even wedding dresses :)

For a wacky look, put on a flowing dress, a denim jacket, leggings and leggings.

Slippers and a skirt are a winning combination

The sneakers that are attracting more and more attention are for sure slippers.

In a loose translation, we can say that slippers are something between canvas sneakers and slippers.

They are light, airy and they are great for more casual and light clothes.

Among the more popular clothing combinations are slippers on flowy short dresses and pants.

If you want an urban look, choose it boyfriend pants or suspenders raised to the ankle. Of course, with this look, socks and feet are out of the question.

We have already equipped our shelves the latest models of high street trends, and you yours?

If you haven't, feel free to come to us.

Just get ready for a very long shopping spree. When you see our diverse offer, you won't know where to start :)

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