It is somehow difficult to reconcile us with the fact that a long warm summer has ended, and yes sandals with open fingers will no longer embellish our photos on Instagram.

But it's not all that gray in the morning midsole. There is also romantic part of autumn. And that is love for leather boots, ankles boots and sneakers. Women have one particular little heart that is only filled with love for shoes.

And we can bet that every woman in their wardrobe has at least one pair of shoes that is dear to them, one they are most comfortable with and one they just stand because they are overwhelmed but it was simply impossible to get out of the store without them.

Only one rule applies to such purchases: 70% of the discount is not missed, and the shoes will be somehow stretched.

You've probably already come across a handful of footwear expansion tips. All of them have a lot of logic, but it's not quite true that each of them "goodie".

The plastic bag and the freezer do not stretch the leather shoes

We tried shoe technique and plastic bags with water in the freezer that really expanded the shoe. Specifically, water on the transition to a solid (frozen) state increases its volume and thus expands the footwear.

Freezer bags are not the best solution for expanding leather shoes

But, however, we tried this hole on real leather shoes and the rest a little disappointed. Footwear from natural skin did not spread, and the leather on shoes was cracked due to freezing.

Hair dryer to stretch shoes genuine leather

The trick with hair dryer went a little better, and promised the fact that with this trick can only stretch leather shoes.

How to expand leather shoes?

  • Bring the toughest socks, and you can put two or even three pairs (if you're standing on your feet, of course), depending on how tight your boots are.
  • Dress your boots and warm them up with a hair dryer for about a minute, so take a minute to cool them until it cools down.

Rastegnite cipele pomoću sušila za kosu

P.S. If your legs are thick in thick socks and hot boots, get rid of smell using our blog tips.

And to understand, do not try this on canvas shoes or rubber boots because you could ruin them and overwhelm them.

Extend leather shoes with alcohol

Another means to stretch your leather shoes is alcohol.

We could be joking and say that alcohol solves all the problems and you will not feel too much of your feet, but we're not here to be scared. Too tight shoes are really a serious problem.

However, you can mix medical alcohol and water in the 50:50 ratio and blend in from the inside to poke the leather shoes and rub them a bit. Alcohol stretches the skin and it becomes elastic.

Koža će pomoću alkohola i vode postati elastičnija

After you are overlaid with the inside, put your shoes on a thick sock and go back a little bit. This technique will make your skin softer and more dense pains,tonsil,squalls will not exist.

Emergency: shoe pad and shoe stretch spray

If none of your previous tips is triggered, there is always an emergency, but it also requires the opening of the wallet.

Shoe napkins will quickly stretch your boots low, and the skin spray will help elastin and help stretch. These products are available in almost all shoe stores and are most often behind the cash desk.

 If you buy overwhelmed shoes, you always have the ability to give them somebody.

And if you have not found the perfect shoes yet, check our offer.

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