Dr. Martens have been known for years as one of the best must have winter footwear. 

If we were to look for boots that have marked decades of fashion, at the very top are the iconic martens that have gone from subculture to the mainstream. Although they are indeed a timeless and legendary pair of shoes, every season they experience a renaissance and an absolute 'boom' in popularity. 

In the sixties of the last century durable boots they were worn exclusively by policemen, postmen and factory workers. At the moment when the guitarist of the group The Who, Pete Townshend appeared on one of the concerts, the whole of the United Kingdom has gone mad for Marches. In the beginning, Martens were worn by alternative people, and today there is almost no trendsetter and influencer who does not own at least one pair of martensics. Although fans of the brand resented the sudden popularity, today brand Dr. Martens enjoys the results of the resulting trend. 

Simple, durable and comfortable boots become a kind of trademark for a recognizable, alternative style with attitude.

#1 Martens and dresses are great for daytime combinations

Martens minimalism is undoubtedly a key advantage when it comes to this piece of footwear. Marte by themselves cause na combining incompatible clothing accessories so we can combine them, knitted in winter, airy dresses in spring or for the more daring, dresses bare back for dating or birthdays. 


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Combinations dresses and Martens are ideal for all girls who want to strengthen their fashion statement with a statement dominated by them. A special charm is given by the "breaking up" of extremely feminine outfits that we would normally put on elegant high-heeled shoes. The contrast of delicate lace and rough boots will guarantee the highlighting of the complete look.


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#2 Martens are also worn in a business environment

If you think if Martens couldn't be combined in a business environment, you'd be wrong. 

Martens are an urban classic that is most often seen in street style combinations with the favorite basic Martens models, minimalist black. However, in recent years these boots have become popular in different combinations, business ones. 


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They can be combined as part of a casual daily look with jeans and a jacket, urban business outfit with a women's suit with trousers. In any case, March in a business look will bring a touch of a new fashion direction that is worth following this season. 

#3 Don't forget colors and patterns

Although autumn and winter are intended for minimalistic combinations dominated by shades of brown, white, emerald green, gray and black, this does not mean that we should put the colors away in the wardrobe. It's the same  martens - dare to be colorful. 

Try the models u white or yellow which go well with, for example, a checkered coat. 

Yes Dr. Martens absolutely follows the trends prove it with trendy floral motivs. Another one of models that stood out this season and that we will want in our wardrobe are Martens transformed into a cool botanical theme which will look great in every day and evening combination. 


Botanic, Floral, Cherry red

This winter, look for refreshed models that come in a shiny finish effect which will stand out the most if you wear minimalist dark combinations. 



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