Until recently, the temperature was well above zero, so you didn't bother too much about which one you would take complete the styling with boots this winter and what you will wear with that beautiful fur jacket you have left over from last winter.

Now the colder and wetter mornings have made us think twice about it what will we wear to work in the morning or in what we will walk around town in the evening. If nothing else, we follow the weather forecast every day and always have a small umbrella somewhere next to us.

In winter, it is extra important because it is not the same which shoes you will wear.

A sudden downpour can do you destroy the new sanded leather boots, and when the first snow falls it will be impossible to walk in shoes with thin or flat soles. Most women will then choose comfortable, flat boots with warm lining and a robust rubber sole.

Just like of the popular Martensica. They are also this winter conquered the city streets.

Dr. Martens čizme

Each of us has our own specific style which will guide the code choosing winter footwear. However, should you choose high or low boots, cowboy boots, ugg boots or something else depends on many factors.

It's not the same if you work in an office so you can afford it heels and a thin elegant sole which won't warm you too much, but in that situation it won't matter too much.

Do you spend a large part of the day on snow-covered city streets, it will be much more important to you comfort and warmth.

However, even then you don't have to give up beauty, this year's winter footwear collection offers all that, and functionality and appearance.

How would the search for a new pair of boots past we bring you as casually as possible vguide to buying winter shoes.

Sit comfortably in the armchair and read carefully!

A guide to choosing winter footwear

#1 Comfort

When it comes to winter footwear comfort is the item that is located at the top of the priority list.

When buying winter footwear, be guided by the fact that they should provide foot support and it must not distort your posture. If you spend most of the year in comfortable shoes like tennis shoe and your feet are not used to heavy shoes, take your pick shorter winter models which are somewhat lighter.

Do you need durable winter footwear, which is also enough comfortable for everyday walking on uneven surfaces in your everyday styling, with classic jeans and a shorter jacket, throw it in sports model of boots.

That's for sure a combination you can't go wrong with and will never bounce off your casual style.

Sportski modeli gležnjača

If you are the type of person who likes something more glamorous everyday edition, then choose pointed ankle boots which are worn in combination with a coat of lighter shades.

A more elongated shape of ankle boots it will lift any outfit and make you look good bolder and more refined. Of course, the heel on such ankle boots is mandatory, the higher the better.

Still, it would be good if she was something thicker to give you stability.

Thin and high heels can be a problem for walking in winter conditions, unless you are planning a party, concert or theater performance. High boots over the knee and a short dress or something lacquered lounges and tight black business pants will be the right choice.

#2 Water resistance

Good winter shoe first of all it should be impermeable, you agree?

This is a prerequisite for buying any good pair boots or ankle boots.

When choosing winter footwear avoid those made of brushed leather because they get wet quickly in case of snow or rain. Sanded leather never it will not be impermeable, and water will destroy it too.

Take care of yours polished pieces of footwear and wear them only in dry conditions..

Choose materials that are resistant to bad weather conditions, like leather boots. Quite often, such footwear has slightly thicker soles than normal boots.

Zimska obuća debljeg đon

Classic noises you can combine it with parkas or sports winter jackets, while high boots with rips perfectly come to the fore in combination with classic coat and pencil skirt or black tights.

Boots are, along with a good winter coat, the most expensive seasonal investment. If you decide to go shopping classic models of boots which should last more than one season, don't forget them properly maintained.

This primarily means that them before going out on the snow need impregnate by appropriate means. Your feet will stay dry during rainy or snowy days, and your boots will shine well into the next season.

#3 Sole thickness

Another thing to consider at choosing winter footwear is the sole and the type of heel you will wear, without jeopardizing your own safety.

During the colder months, the surfaces can be extremely slippery, so choose footwear that has thicker sole with spikes and other irregular forms. It will ensure safe crossing of ice surfaces.

Daring women who want to keep a hint of a modern look in those business opportunities they have stricter dress code, they can replace classic black heels harder block heels. Get black out of business attire, at least this season.

Ove sezone popularna je obuća zmijskog uzorka

Boots are now worn and ankle boots in various shades brown color right until reddish or dark green model. Buy one too animal pattern model, snake is especially popular. Such styling will certainly not go unnoticed.

A pair of classic boots with a heel they can lift any outfit if you use them wisely combine with the rest of the outfit, so include them in yours today clothing combinations. Striking details like fur lining, buckle and rivet are always in.

Finding the perfect match winter boots which are i practical and modern it can be a tedious process. So choose wisely and invest in classic pieces which will follow you next season as well.

Be sure to invest in at least one pair modern winter footwear that will make you the queen of the winter outfit.


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