Goodbye to sandals and flip-flops! In the last three months, the sun  is fry and the time served kids in the yard and on the beach were mostly  barefoot .There were sandals and flip-flops on the feet, but unfortunately this time has passed.


Since the last time they were wearing the sneakers, the feet had grown, and at the beginning of the school year start    already traditionally shopping.And you face the same doubts: which shoes to buy a child? 

At the end of August and early September it is still warm, but soon  start the cold morning and later the colder days. This is a blog that will help you with the smart choice.

Children's sneakers are an important material

Children are active in sneakers,  never standing still. and that means their legs are sweating.

That's why it's important to choose the tennis shoe material that allows the air flow.Kod suhih stopala nema brazdi, gljivica i mirisa.

Leather children's sneakers


Leather is a natural material that is a great choice for autumn days.It does waterproof., it's long-lasting and flexible. 

In addition, the skin allows children's feet to breathe, and adjusts to the child's foot.

Nike dječje kožne tenisiceAdidas kožne dječje tenisicereebok dječje tenisice


Platnene children's sneakers

canvas shoes, shoes are a great choice for dry weather. Even when it is colder and does not rain. In canvas shoes, the legs are breathing and are less sweating. In addition, these sneakers are lightweight and can be washed in the washing machine. And every parent knows how often they  dirtyup the sneakers.

Dječje Converse tenisice ružičasteDječje converse tenisice

Sneakers combined materials for children

Sneakers are made of leather and textile or synthetic material. They are more frequent for dry weather.

What to pay attention when choosing a children's sneaker?

Before you hit the credit card for the model of the children's tennis shoes which has the best combination of colors,put a check mark next to the following features:

1) offers childrens shoes with sufficient shoes suppor?

Sneakers that are worn every day should support child  toenails. Sneakers that do not provide adequate support can cause pain in the heels and arches and in the front of the foot.

2)Are Children's Sneakers Flexible?


Flexibility is the ability of the sneaker to adapt to the baby's walk. Flexible sneakers have a greater ability to absorb the impact. If the sneakers are not flexible enough, the leg muscles and feet are additionally hired, which can cause muscle pain.

3) Are children's sneakers lightweight?


Sneakers are mostly lightweight, regardless of whether they are leather or linen, high or low.When purchasing shoes, you need to be careful about their weight when buying a pair of children's boots.

4) What are the soles?

Footwear for children should not be flat, as many bridges have - it will be harder for the child to slip.

How to find the right number of sneakers online?

Djeci uvijek treba izmjeriti nogu prije naručivanja tenisica online, a duljina stopala se mjeri u čarapama
Children should always measure their leg before ordering online tennis shoes, and foot lengths are measured in stockings


Between the sixth and the 10th year, every month, the feet of children had grown slightly less than a millimeter,

in a year it is 10 millimeters which means that you need to buy new shoes every year. Those of last year are not a good choice.


This problem can not be solved by buying two-size-sized tennis shoes just as well as not having to buy sneakers that are too dark.

Such sneakers can cause problems in the development of bone, ligament, nerve and muscle.


There is a rule of thumb for the purchase of children's sneakers: you can buy sneakers that can fit the width of the adult's thumb from the top of the finger to the edge of the sneaker.


If you order a sneaker online, you need to follow a few rules:

1)Measure your feet in the afternoon, then they are bigger and the weight is evenly distributed.

2) Put your socks on your baby's feet

3) Put the clean white paper in the same way and tell the child to fit on it.

4) Use a pencil to mark where the heel ends and where the tip of the fingers is.

5) Measure both feet, often one leg grows faster than the other, the number you are setting to the larger.

6) The length between the two dashes is the length of the child's feet.


For each model in Modeline you can find a table size and according to the length of the child's foot find the appropriate number. And of course, for kids always order sneakers that are a little bigger

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