Who about what, we about shoes! We can't help it when every couple in the shop window calls out for a walk! Whether it's flip-flops, sandals with a flat, full heel or heels, moccasins or canvas sneakers... summer is the ideal time to try all possible models. The new collection of all the most popular brands is an ideal mix of elegance disguised as casual, and we have discounts on all footwear from new collections.

This summer is marked by happy, bright colors, and once again, loafers and gladiators appeared on the scene as trendsetters. For your and our stronger halves, canvas sneakers in bright colors or indispensable moccasins are current, which always come in handy for that extra dose of style and elegance. Below we bring you our favorites for this crazy summer!

1) Summer colors

Sandals, sandals, sandals... we can't wait for this weather to wear them all day long. We are comfortable in them, we feel attractive, they allow us to play with colors and the shape of the heel, and our legs look spindly and toned. The best combination, right?


1) Tamaris Mango, 2) Inuovo Lilac, 3) Guess Cevie Leather, 4) Tommy Hilfiger


The daily look, elegant and comfortable at the same time, is leading the way this summer Tamaris with its collection dominated by block and full heels, and if you're looking for sexy high heels, find them at Liu.Jo offer on our website.


2) Mix & Match for him

They are usually not as crazy about shoes as women, but we are sure that they like to dress nicely, but also to have a great pair of shoes on their feet - airy, but still equally business and casual. Below we bring you our suggestions for light summer footwear that can be worn from morning to night. We love models that are perfectly combined with shirts and light long pants, but also with Bermuda shorts, jeans, and sports t-shirts. Whichever combination you choose, we guarantee it's a winner!


                    1) Calvin Klein mokasine, 2) Bugatti Berengar schwarz 3) Bugatti shoes Riptide, 4) Rifle White


Although all our shoes are comfortable and breathable, even in high temperatures, it's always good to have them ready loafers in the closet for a quick coffee break or a trip to the sea. See our offer here


3) Comeback in style - flip flops

Loafers are back in style this season in our shop windows! Wherever you turn, whichever social network you browse, they are hiding there too. They were worn in the nineties, and they could reach their peak this summer - because they have never been so comfortable, yet so phenomenal! Check out our suggestions and get yourself a pair. You'll be sorry if you don't walk them with that new summer dress, for sure!


                                             1) Tamaris Flame, 2) Igi&Co Pony, 3) Liu Jo Astra Silver, 4) Calvin Klein Black


4) "Winter brands" that rule this summer

You know what they mean "Dr. Martens"... or?! This one iconic British brand this year he literally "knocked us out of our shoes" with  with its line of sandals! The firm stance, unquestionable quality and timeless style of their ankle boots have been translated into a summer version for all of us who love that simple statement story that Dr.Martensstory through each of his footwear models. Classic black, popular white, or cheerful yellow and purple will guarantee to raise the summer combination to a higher level!

In this category, we were especially blown away by the new summer collection Panama Jacka, which brand it is comfort and quality top a goal that they really achieve! Top quality leather sandals that last for years and fit your feet like a glove.

martens sandals

1) Dr. Martens Black, 2) Dr. Martens Yllw, 3) Panama Jack Sport Red, 4) Panama Jack PullUp Black


We introduced you to our novelties and summer trends. Now you have the sweetest task, a tour of ours the market i web shop where you can find these and many other models from the offer. Please note that the discounts are still valid, and the summer and vacation are just waiting!