We must slowly forgive the sun, warm climate, summer dresses, short sleeves and naked feet. Time to sandals, flip-flops and other summer shoes close inside the four walls.  

And now is set the right question: how to save summer shoes? In one big box or just throw them under the bed,in a closet or basement? 

If you want next year to be a proud owner summer sneakers, heels or sandals which you bought this year,you should have them well clean and prepare on long hibernate. Here are some tips on how to save summer shoes

1.For starters, collect all summer shoes and think about it

Every beginning is the hardest. Especially when you have to forgive your favorite shoes for long time. So collect all the summer shoes, sit on the floor, take a deep breath and thoroughly scan your eyes.Take each pair in your hand and ask yourself: 

what are outsole shoes? And inside? Was the material worn out, perforated? Worth to fix them? Did some of you get scum? Do you have more than you want? 

Skupite sve cipele na jednom mjestu

If you have answered more than half the questions dissatisfied tone, it's time to make them content throw it in the garbage and recycle. 

2. Clean and invigorate your summer shoes

After you've decided which shoes will stay, those that need to be repaired take the postman,and others nicea nd thoroughly clean

Namely, if dirty shoes are in the closet for a long time, the material will be dirt, dust and other residues destroy and destroy. 

This is terms true of leather or antelope shoes. We must note that you should clean up those shoes that you wear everyday. Therefore, always after arrival from the city. Hm…but we will not exaggerate, do not we?

Mostly, summer shoes clean so that:

  • leather and antelope shoes clean dirt whith brush, and stain get rid of it eraser for a pencil or take them to professional cleaning
  • canvas shoes dobro good clean, and stains clean using a toothbrush and the water you put in dish soap
  • plastic shoes, e.g. flip-flops dip in the soap, wash them well and dry them.

3. Find an appropriate shoe storage location

Shoes remain in perfect state when are not exposed to sun raysand high or low temperatures. So avoid it save your shoes in the basement, garage, attic or on other places which are cold in winter and during summer hot because otherwise the material will crumble.

The best place for storage your shoes is certainly a closet, and if you do not have a place in it, save your shoes under the bed or below taburea. 

4.Hold the shape of the shoe on the shoe molds

Gravity, humidity and dryness they can ruin their shoes instantly. Therefore, shoes that you will not wear a week or more should have some support, so it's the best use shoe molds.

Otherwise, natural wrinkles will be on your shoes consolidate and become permanent, and the shoes will go warp,buckle and bend. 

That the shoes would not widen, shoe mold should be of the correct size, so it is best to buy an adjustable mold version. Before inserting plastic and wood molds, leave your shoes in the air for at least one day after wearing them so that they are well ventilated and that there is no moisture left in them.

5. Protect your shoes with paper

To keep the shape of the shoe and protect them from moisture, fill them and wrap the paper. We recommend that do not use newsprint because he could stay on his shoes print novelty.

Instead of using newspapers, use it white wrapping paper or toilet paper and paper towels. 

6.  Save the shoes in the boxes, and find the most elegant a special place

All summer shoes store it in organizers or boxes with appropriate pictures, and those beautiful heelsyou only wear for special occasions find a special place in the closet.

Put your shoes in boxes, and find a special place for the most elegant

They do not fit in the shoe slots or on the bottom of the closet, and since the fancy high heels are a lot delicate,best to save them on the upper shelf closet.

After you've been forgiven of summer shoes, get out of the closet that autumn shoes.

But ups!

You just remembered that you were last year,  half shoe thrown into garbage?

Ouch! All luck to have us!

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Equip yourself for autumn and let you feet are dry and warm

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