“Hope you have an on-sale-and-available-in-your-size kind of day!”

~ the most beautiful thing you can wish for any fashion enthusiast!


Fortunately, the chances of fulfilling such a wish are currently at their maximum - seasonal discounting is in full swing, and the choice is really rich and colorful!


Whether you're a moderate fashion enthusiast, a serious fashion fanatic, or just a person who dresses because that's what life dictates - there's no better time for shopping than right now. From classic models to current hit collections, from sports to business style, from everyday to special occasions. And female, and male, and children's. And shoes and fashion accessories. Winter Sale includes everything - the entire range of well-known fashion brands at reduced prices!


One of the big ones #firstworldproblems that know how to hit us is precisely the unused discount - we bring you a few suggestions on how to make the most of the long-awaited shopping!


1) Warm ankle boots


You will agree - quality winter shoes are one of the most important must-have items in general. And we don't mean the trendy must-have, but literally everyone should have one a good pair of winter footwear for the winter months. Even the biggest fans of winter will be spoiled by frozen fingers, and let's not talk about the team that is counting down the days until summer! The choice of winter boots is really wide: choose between leather ones Timberlands, dr. Martens, Bugatti, S.Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger, Panama Jack,... 

What do they all have in common? Discounts up to -70%, of course!



1) Timberland boots  , 2) S.Olive boots, 3) Bugatti boots, 4) Tom Tailor boots


2) Shoes for special occasions


What we wear the least, we buy the hardest. As a rule, we wait until the last moment, and of course, that's when we spend the most money, and most of the time we are not completely satisfied with our choice. The season of discounts is ideal for completing wardrobes with models that you can combine with your more formal outfits.


1) Guess Bennie Brown, 2) Tamaris Mauve, 3) Nicola Benson, 4) Bugatti Mainard


3) Statement models


How many times have you come across a shoe model that really is special, and with a heavy heart you left it on the shelf because after all... with the classic model you are sure that it will go with everything. Many of us play ziheraški, especially when we target to buy exactly the piece of footwear we need. 


Big discounts are therefore an ideal opportunity to indulge your me-so-special side without the risk of remorse later. Each of us sometimes needs to stand out, express our style in full glory and simply - be your own statement. 



1) Guess boots, 2) Guess boots, 3) Bugatti boots, 4) Reebok boots, 5) Armani boots


4) Children's shoes


Kids are a really special story when it comes to shoes... First of all, children's range is so hard to resist, especially if you let them choose. There are models in various colors, with various patterns, colorfull for little merrymakers, black and white for little make-up artists,... and even matching models mom's and dad's shoes, for ideal mini me moments!


But with little ones, there is another little thing at play: grow like mushrooms! How many times have you found perfect pair of shoes, but decided it's not worth paying full price for half a lifetime of wear? Grab the right model for everyone children's activities at a seasonal discount and don't worry!



1) Skechers Glimmer, 2) Antarctica, 3) Adidas, 4) Skechers waterproof, 5) Nike


5) Outlet


And finally - winter will pass, summer will come! A wide range of trends is sometimes kept for several seasons, and some models are timeless

Although spring and summer footwear currently in the back of our closets, the time for them will be here in a moment! Biggest discounts it is possible to find it right there, among summer sneakers, popular sandals and slingbacks.


Tommy Hilfigeri sandals on a full heel, an unavoidable model of summer city streets, 70% off? Talk about smart shopping, right? ;)  


1) S.Oliver, 2) Guess, 3) Tom Tailor flats, 4) Tom Tailor pumps, 5) Imac male mokasins


Visit the webshop or our stores as soon as possible and grab top models of shoes at the lowest prices! See you!