Moccasins are, according to many fashion designers, 'most modern shoes'.

How the summer is not over yet, it's an ideal time for moccasins.

Moccasins are absolute jedan od current fashion trends.

About theirs popularity andexpediency the best thing to say how they are equally popular with men, but also in the female population.

Evo zašto su mokasine, prema mnogim modnim dizajnerima, 'modno najosvještenije cipele'
Here's why they are loafers, to many fashion designers, 'most modern shoes'


Last years for this the type of footwear so decides more trendsetters around the world.

With these elegant shoes it is possible to create it casual, urban or a modern look.

The man who wears moccasins he knows everything he needs to know about work and pleasure,and sometimes and about combining both.

Simultaneously, men in mokasin can be very much charming and seductive.

That's why we will in below concentrate in men and their fashion expression.

Therefore all fashion-conscious men we give a few tips how best to wear loafers.

With ours a couple of suggestions and combinations you will be able to keep up step with the latest trends and same time look awesome.

After you bought that, so much desired, a piece of footwear, next,equally important, step is to do everything to make them worn with style.

Muškarac koji nosi mokasine zna sve što treba znati o poslu i zadovoljstvu, a ponekad i o kombinaciji oboje
The man who wears moccasins he knows everything he needs to know about business and pleasure, and sometimes combined with both

Business look for office

Moccasins, in the first place, characterized by comfort, light feeling which gives you relaxation, as well as the fact that them you can fit perfectly as with drooping and sports variants, so and in an elegant clothing combination.

If you're a business man who takes care of yourself, what today requires almost every job, know it will working day is much easier to fall if it does spend it in mokasin.

They are great for business opportunities, because with a pair elegant trousers or even jeans and with the jacket and the shirt you can look perfect.

Needless to say to decide so for plaid or a more formal shirt, moccasins will look great in this clothing combination.

Also, here you can also experiment with the color of the moccasin.

Casual for leisure time

Casual combination to many most practical. You can complete it for a business meeting or a lunch, for informal drinking beer with friendsafter workor for night out. This choice will cover your entire day.

If you want to look elegant and relaxed, wear shirt which is not overly formal, and more stylish pants.

That's right casual style feel free to add some toyou darling detail, such as a bag, glassesor something else.

As summer continues, so bold and on combination moccasin with shorts.

In shorts you can be completely relaxed on the day socializing or evening walks.

In that case, for sure, will look good moccasins worn on a bare foot. That outfit will give you good looks and lengthen will be your figure.

Na pravi casual style slobodno dodajte neki vama dragi detalj, primjerice torbu, naočale ili nešto treće
That's right casual style feel free to addsome nice details for you, for example a bag, glasses or something else

'Queen of relaxed style'

As they say trendsetteri, ‘moccasins are queens of relaxed style’.

With, for example,ordinary cotton shirt and trousers of narrow trouser leg, and you will be kings of relaxed style.

Moccasins are very grateful for a pair of shoes, considering to do that you can take it with the most varied outfit and you will always look great.

Besides, they are incredibly comfortable, so it will legs in every moment be free, and you will have it feeling like that walking in the clouds.

The only thing you need to be careful is to you choose quality.And we in Modelineu we only have such.

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