The second summer after the release of one of the most popular brands of winter footwear on the summer fashion scene, we are returning to that hit piece of summer wardrobe. - dr. Martens sandals. Go through all the essentials with us - everything you need to know about this iconic brand, how to choose the right model for yourself, the characteristics of individual models such as Voss, Nartilla and Blaire, and inspiration for ways of combining dr. Martens sandals with your summer wardrobe!

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We all know that the British brand Dr. Martens became an unchallenged a symbol of rebellious fashion. They started producing footwear as far back as 1947, and since then they have become synonymous with quality, alternative style and durability. Regardless of trends and the status of the brand itself, Dr. Martens sandals became popular immediately after their release due to their distinctive look and comfort. Signed with the legendary yellow seams, made of premium types of leather and innovative, super light soles, they set the bar for statement pieces of summer footwear very high. The fashion scene instantly recognized their versatility and ability to easily complement various styles from casual to sophisticated. The brand launched several new models that won the hearts of fashion lovers around the world.

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As the "main" model Dr. Martens sandals, the model has established itself Blaire. With 4 adjustable straps, they are the perfect combination of style and functionality. These sandals are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for hot summer days. Made of high-quality Pisa leather, they guarantee a comfortable fit on the skin of the feet for all-day comfort wear. The Blaire model adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, whether it's a flowing summer dress or shorts and a T-shirt, especially in the new set soft shades available from this season.

For the particularly daring, there is also a variation of the model, Blaire Quad - the largest platform in Dr. Martens to the world! Feel especially tall and powerful with their strongest trump card, Zebrilius sole that provides exceptional support for the foot. Thick, strong, and at the same time quite light, with support SoftWair insole, it will walk effortlessly with you through every summer adventure!

dr martens blaire

One of the popular models is also the Voss. Elegant designs with double straps are a favorite for lovers of minimalist style. They are made of high quality smooth Hydro skin and provide exceptional comfort throughout the day. Innovative Ziggy the soles are equally light to wear, and their specialty is excellent grip on different surfaces. Voss sandals are the perfect choice for those who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable. Like the Blaire, they also come in the Voss Quad version, with an extra high sole. For an extra romantic note, there is also a variation of the Voss II model.

dr martens voss

Nartilla is another fantastic choice for the summer season. The most feminine among Dr. Martens sandals, this model is inspired by the popular again gladiators and exudes romantic boho style. Made from Milled Nappa leather, in addition to comfort, will also pass all tests durability and longevity. The Nartilla model will raise any combination to a new level, from the one for walking around the city to the one for going to the beach. The combination of style and comfort makes these sandals an irresistible choice for this summer and many more to come!

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With Dr. Martens sandals, you can create different styles that reflect your personality and fashion statement. Their versatility, comfort and quality make them an ideal choice for the summer season. When it comes to combining Dr. Martens sandals with a summer wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. For a casual and relaxed combination, combine sandals with short jeans and a white T-shirt. If you're going for a more elegant look, try a pair of sandals with a flowy floral print dress. Braver fashion enthusiasts can also venture to the controversial combination of Dr. Martens sandals with socks, a trend that is now causing excitement on social networks.


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dr. Martens sandals they are an indispensable piece of footwear for fashion lovers. Their appearance on the summer fashion scene brings new models that more than successfully combine style, comfort and quality and are a reliable choice for summer. Combine them with your summer wardrobe and be ready for all the fashion challenges that summer brings!