Dr. Martens or affectionately "martensies" is a cult brand launched way back in 1947. It was originally designed for the needs of workers, and later, under new management and due to the numerous stars of the 90s, it was circulated in must-have the shoes! They were worn by the stars of the grunge and rock scene, but also by all those who nurtured an alternative style. More than 3.2 million pairs of "Martens" are produced annually, and now their summer versions have arrived - Dr. Martens sandals that go well with all styles!


dr martens summer outfit

Source: Pinterest/ Tiff Wang- LazzzySundaze/StyilingbyCharlotte/WhowhatwearUK


Known for specificity, Sandals Dr. Martens decorated with striking rubber sole with air cushion stitched usually with yellow or black thread. It was precisely because of the basic appearance of this iconic piece that they were created are phenomenal summer models in classic black and white. For the bolder and more daring, there are flashy yellow or purple colors. You will be able to wear these shoes all day long, and in addition to the comfort they provide, they will also give you a trendy summer look. Great match, isn't it?


dr martens sandals

Dr. Martens Blair: White & Yellow

dr martens sandale


Although statement sandals are usually full of straps, strings or ribbons, Dr. Martens sticks to the proven recipe! There are only a few key straps around the foot and ankle, and the story is already told - and your leg is protected and fixed. The white sandals have a little twist, in addition to the already mentioned... They inserted a string for a touch of boho style. Combination for 10!


dr martens sandals

Dr. Martens Voss II, Dr. Martens Nartilla


Black or white summer Dr. Martens go with just about any combination, and with the classic black rubber sole they give that little touch of elegance. Models like Dr. Martens Voss they stand out with a colored sole for wackier day-night combinations, and even come in different versions- lacquered and matte. Depending on your preferences and style, you won't go wrong with a pair! Pssst, reminder. Everything is on discount!

dr martens sandale


We can imagine how during hot summer days and nights we rush from one place to another in summer March, and our feet are safe and comfortable, and not to mention trendy! They look great with maxi dresses, flowing skirts or miniskirts, but also with jeans shorts and shirts.

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