What is the one thing that successfully connects GenX, Millennials and GenZ? Dr. Martens.

How did the dr. Martens boots became what they are today, is one of the greatest fashion stories of the modern era. Since their beginnings, their path has been paved with the same values, steadfast, strong and proud. 

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In 1945 Dr. Klaus Martens, a 25-year-old soldier from Munich, made a prototype of a shoe that would make it easier to heal his broken foot, the last thing on his mind was fashion. He needed them solid, resistant and reliable shoes, and soon these qualities became the key to their success - among older women. Fifteen years later, one of his ads stuck with an old shoe company in England - and on April 1, 1960. he came out, the Dr. Martens model 1460, the ultimate Originals model that makes up the majority of sold Dr. Martens boots 61 years later - in 2021.

Dr martens zagreb

Worker's shoes were soon noticed by the English subcultural scene, in its heyday - and the popularity of Dr. Martens boots quickly spread across Europe. Soon they became an indispensable piece of every alternative and a symbol of rebellion, freedom of expression, the driving ideas of the then younger population. The simultaneous development of musical trends inspired by these same ideas, rock and punk, cemented the success of Dr. Martens boots in the next 3 decades. With the advent of the festival, Dr. Martens boots have developed an inseparable connection with music culture, and thus grew on the wings of various genres, from glam rock and punk, through grunge to Britpop.


Dr Martens boots


Fast-forward 60 years later: Dr. boots Martens are experiencing the peak of their popularity, and in a way like no other fashion piece - equally delighting both opposite spectrums of culture, both mainstream and alternative. While fashion trends change from season to season, unisex dr. Martens boots successfully kept their original appearance and became a trademark of firm attitude and uncompromising quality. 


Dr martens wite boots


In their simplicity and reliability, they still find a way to surprise us season after season. Originals models come in a handful of colors and patterns, in glossy or matte finish. dr. Martens boots animal or polka-dot pattern all fashion enthusiasts went crazy, and new models like dr. Martens Sinclair (or the summer hit - dr. Martens sandals!) prove again and again how much power they have over the fashion scene. The Martens boots.

Dr martens polka dot

Leopard Emboss / Polka Dot / Pine Green / Indigo Smooth / Green Gloss / Fuschia Smooth


However, if we have to highlight one model as winner of the winter collection 2021., to su definitivno čizme Dr. Martens Jadon Faux Fur - martens with fur. 

dr martens with fur

Whatever style you prefer, one thing is certain: Dr. Martens boots should be part of that style. The fashion phenomenon of their story has ensured that they have become a cult piece that has conquered generation after generation, and has no intention of stopping.


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