We're not a goldfish, but this summer we fulfilled a wish you've wished for at least once: a closet full of IN pieces of footwear and fashion accessories at great prices! Temperatures are getting higher, and our prices are getting lower... Do you want to get that pair of long-desired sandals with a matchy bag or new sneakers for comfortable summer walks? Do you want to surprise your better half with new slippers or some fashion accessory? Anything is possible - even up to -50% cheaper! The entire collection is on huge discount, all you have to do is visit ours shops or the webshop. Because we deserved it, right? When writing this blog, we had a hard time deciding which models we want to show you because we really want EVERYTHING, but we tried to choose something for everyone. Enjoy shopping and let us know your favorite.


Calvin Klein / Igi&Co

1) 365 days of women's summer


Summer always goes by too quickly for us, but it still gives us by far the most content, and thus experiences. It may be too short - but we bet you have by far the most summer goods! Every summer day is filled from morning to night, and each of the arrangements often requires its own outfit. To work in high heels, to coffee in the neighborhood in flip-flops, then in sneakers to do the training, and in the evening it's time for heels... Those three months of summer usually last 365 different outfits! 



Bugatti / Tommy Jeans


Therefore, we have made the search for all comfortable, sexy, elegant pieces for hot summer days and nights as easy as possible. Something on the heel, something comfortable, modern, cute and attractive... our entire offer is full of all these pieces! If you visit us in the stores, let it be your stage for the day and feel free to try on all kinds of shoes, colors, patterns and heels. The combination of premium materials and style is something that never goes out of fashion, and we guarantee that each of our pairs is just like that ;)



Guess / Dr.Martens



1) Dr. Martens, 2) T Hilfiger White, 3) T Hilfiger Yellow, 4) Tamaris Glam, 5) Tommy Jeans 6) Calvin Klein


2) Male Top Choice


They often say that men are simpler creatures when it comes to clothes and shoes. They don't ask for much, a classic piece is enough for them and they are ready to party from morning to night. Our entire collection for men is full of different styles, and currently the most popular is elegance and casual in one.




Whether you want sports sneakers, a casual version or you prefer moccasins and flip-flops in the summer months, the selection will delight you. Water is the main word in the sportswear category, as always Adidas and Nike, and if you prefer street style sneakers, they are iconic Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger with his hits. Here are our top suggestions!

1) Mustang, 2) Calvin Klein, 3) Tommy Jeans, 4) Bugatti, 5) Tommy Hilfiger, 6) Zen T.moro


3) Handbags: the perfect addition to the perfect pair of shoes


Who seen pick up a pair of shoes without their pair of handbags? When it comes to women's trends, the classics prevail this year; a small black or white purse - or a screaming color that attracts all eyes. Men's trends are followed by indispensable shoulder bags, a Tommy Hilfiger and this time he outdid himself. Calvin Klein, Guess, Trussardi... brands known for unfailing quality are now waiting for you at great prices at super discounts. Take a look, there's sure to be a lot to like!




Calvin Klein W. / Calvin Klein M.
Tommy Hilfiger M. / Tommy Hilfiger W.


While we prepare new themes and discounts with new suggestions, read ours as well blog about hit footwear for all summer occasions. And speaking of opportunities - this one is great for grabbing a good piece of footwear for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

See you in Modeline!